Josh Holly was slammed by the local editorial board on the eve of July 4 for promoting Trump’s “lie”

Senator Josh Holly faces strong criticism from Congress St. Louis PostSaturday’s editorial board promotes the former president Donald Trump“Major voting fraud lies” and led the Republican Party’s efforts to overthrow the 2020 election.

On the eve of Independence Day, After delivery The editorial board accused Holly of undermining American democracy, “voting to overthrow effective elections [Trump] Supporters’ contempt for the results. “

“Today’s polarization is so deep and harmful that many people have believed that winning the election by either party is inherently illegal and should be opposed by any necessary strategies, including those outside the Constitution,” the board said. , Calling Holly’s efforts “false.” “

“Conscientious patriots, no matter what the political party, should firmly reject this inherent non-American mentality,” it added.

The St. Louis Post editorial committee strongly condemned Senator Josh Hawley for pushing the election of former President Donald Trump on the eve of July 4.
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On December 30, Holly parted ways with the then Senate majority leader Mickey McConnell And the party’s leadership became the first senator to promise that he would formally oppose Congress The results of the Electoral College were proved on January 6.

As the former Missouri State Attorney General, Holly probably knew not to waste time on apparently futile election challenges-at the time, more than 50 courts had dismissed allegations of voter fraud. Holly sought another way: to allow Congress to “investigate allegations of voter fraud.”

This After delivery The editorial board pointed out that “this dangerous instinct can undoubtedly be found on the left and right, but only on the right can it become a decisive feature of the movement, and it is welcomed at all levels of Republican politics.

The board insisted that the riots in the Capitol-“one of the darkest moments in national history”-exposed the right-wing contempt for electoral democracy.

“It was exposed by 147 Republican congressmen (led by Missouri’s own Senator Josh Hawley) who had just witnessed the violence brought about by Trump’s major voting fraud lies on the government seat and further promoted This lie,” the member wrote. “It’s in most Congress Republicans‘Failing to hold Trump accountable for what any incumbent president has done is arguably the easiest thing to be impeached. “

The riots began on the afternoon of January 6, when Trump’s armed supporters stormed into the U.S. Capitol and clashed with the authorities. Five people were killed in the uprising, including a congressional policeman.

Holly, seven other Republican senators and 139 House Republican members still voted to challenge the electoral college results in at least one state after Congress reconvened later that night.Holly and Senator Ted Cruise Texas is under the strictest scrutiny and has been accused of inciting violence after voting.

“In all the days, Americans should remember that democracy has only one legal way of change: free and fair elections. Protecting the institution is patriotic. Destroying it is not-forever,” the committee concluded.

Weekly newspaper Contacted Josh Holly’s office for comments. This story will be updated with any response.

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