Donald Trump compares New York’s tax fraud allegations with the “communist dictatorship”

Former president Donald Trump On Saturday, prosecutors in New York were accused of accusing the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, calling its politically motivated efforts “reminiscent of a communist dictatorship.”

On Thursday, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office sued the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Alan Wesselberg, for tax-related charges after a three-year investigation with New York’s Attorney General Leticia James The Trump Organization and its chief financial officer Alan Weisselberg, the investigation originated from an adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

Trump rejected these allegations in his opening speech at the “Save America” ​​rally in Sarasota, Florida, on the eve of Independence Day. This is the second campaign held by the former president since he left the White House in January. assembly.

“In New York, they are doing what you would see in third world countries. This is not for us. This is reminiscent of a communist dictatorship against your political opponents,” he told the crowd.

Trump continued: “In the United States, prosecutors running for office are unprecedented, unheard of and totally unacceptable.” “How about the one in New York State? “We want Trump and I want to run.” She told me She knew nothing, she only knew that she would get me from the day she came in. But you know that people are wise about it.”

Trump was referring to James, the first woman and the first African American to be elected as the attorney general of New York. Throughout the 2018 campaign, James promised to pursue Trump on the “first day” of her term for alleged violations of the pay clause.

“It’s just fascism and authoritarianism. People who talk about democracy are actually destroying it before our eyes. No one can believe what we are witnessing,” Trump told his supporters. “Four years of searching, dozens of interviews, and millions of dollars in taxpayer funds are all in vain.”

He added: “The radical left continues to look for crime, destruction of lives, violation of the law, violation of every principle of justice, fairness and freedom-you say, you see-on a constant basis.” “This is really called it. Misconduct by the prosecutor.”

This is a story of development.

On Saturday night, former President Donald Trump spoke at a rally in Sarasota, Florida.
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