Star Wars Visions First Look Provocative anime-style adventure

The twin protagonists of Studio Trigger's Star Wars phantom short film

Get ready for a unique legend Star wars Seen before.
Screenshot: Lucasfilm

Star wars Yes Such a large and all-encompassing franchise, The distant galaxy can carry so many stories of different styles and genres.But at the same time Western animation is certainly no stranger to Star wars, Ideas from Japan now Is taking the lead in producing a new series, hoping to bring a new perspective to this vast galaxy.

As part of this weekend’s Anime Expo Lite panel discussion, producers Jacqui Lopez, James Waugh, Josh Rimes, Justin Leach and Kanako Shirasaki gave us the first time we saw what we were looking forward to Star wars phantom. Previously teased as a 10-part anthology series, Vision Animated short films from multiple Japanese creative teams-including Trigger, Production IG, Kamikaze Douga, Kinema Citrus, Geno Studio, etc.-will be displayed to bring their own styles into all eras Star wars.

The series includes multiple eras of the legendary timeline, as well as familiar faces and locations as well as brand new characters, from the likes of Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett, to the samurai-style Jedi, First Order Stormtrooper and other icons Sex image this Star wars galaxy. From the story of the “Dark Side” twins by the legendary Trigger director Hiroyuki Imaishi to the “Rock Opera Story” by Kamikaze Douga, a lot of things have happened and they all look cool.

Star wars phantom Will land on Disney+ on September 22, and will launch a matching novel soon Ronin, Written by Emma Mieko Candon, will be released in October.

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