Epic Games will let developers use its voice and anti-cheat services for free

Epic Games has expanded its online service offerings, allowing developers to use voice communications and anti-cheat software for free.The company was originally built Epic Online Service in order to Fort night Before it is released as a toolset, other developers can use their creations for free on any engine or platform.

This launch adds Easy Anti-Cheat to the list of tools that developers can access as part of the Epic Online Services SDK. Epic acquired the Helsinki company that developed the software in 2018. Fort night. Hundreds of other games also use the software to keep cheaters out, including Mediatonic’s Fall guys, It suffered a huge cheating problem.

With the help of this software, developers will be able to control and implement anti-cheat measures against their games. As Epic plans to provide continuous updates for Easy Anti-Cheat, game makers will have the ability to shut out dishonest players, even as cheating continues to evolve to evade detection. In other words, the software is not perfect, and many online games that use it still struggle with cheaters.Based on the collected data Surf Shark VPN For example, just a few months ago, Fort night It is “the most deceived online game.”It has three times the number of cheaters Overwatch, Ranked second, people searched for the most robots.

Like other services included in the EOS SDK, the new voice communication function was initially used in Epic’s famous Battle Royale game. It can cross-platform built-in one-on-one conversations and group chats for authenticated users during the game and in the lobby. The connection between users is relayed through a server owned by Epic Online Services, which will also process and operate the game’s voice functions for free-which could cost developers millions of dollars.

In addition to launching free voice and anti-cheat services for developers, the company also revealed that Epic Games now has more than 500 million accounts and 2.7 billion friend connections. Fort night, Rocket League And Epic game store.It is not clear how many users have registered Fort night Alone, but the game has 350 million Registered players as of May last year.

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