Donald Trump says Ron DeSantis has a “responsibility” in the surf zone, not the Sarasota Rally

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis Won’t participate in the rally with the former president Donald Trump Since a 12-story building in Surfside collapsed on June 24, the search for survivors continues.

Trump is holding a rally in Sarasota, more than 200 miles south of Champlain, near Miami Beach, the scene of the tragedy. According to reports, the former president has informed the Republican DeSantis that his responsibility is rescue work.

New York Times The White House reporter Annie Karni reported on the developments earlier on Saturday before the planned event scheduled to start at 8pm Eastern Time.

“Just came in from the @GovRonDeSantis office-the governor will not attend the Trump rally in Sarasota,” Carney tweeted.

“He talked to Trump,’Who agrees that this is the right decision, because the governor’s job is in Surfside.'”

Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’ press secretary, confirmed in a statement that the governor would not attend the rally. Hill.

“We can confirm that the Governor will not attend the Sarasota rally. He talked to President Trump and he agreed that this is the right decision because the Governor’s job is to ensure that families and communities have What do they need after the tragic collapse of the building,” Pushau said.

“Under normal circumstances, Governor DeSantis will attend this event. He is sure that this rally will attract a large crowd this holiday weekend because many Florida people are happy to attend,” she said.

Earlier this week, DeSantis’ office denied reports that he pushed to cancel the rally. In an article on June 30th, Washington Examiner To quote a Florida Republican who asked not to be named, the governor has “directed a request” to Trump’s team regarding this matter.

The governor’s office rejected the report on Wednesday, saying in a statement that DeSantis “is paying attention to His duties as governor and the tragedy of Surfside, And has never suggested or requested the cancellation of planned events in different parts of Florida—from the Stanley Cup final to President Trump’s rally—should be cancelled. “

Trump spokesman Liz Harrington said on Wednesday that the former president “expressed his deepest condolences to those who lost their loved ones or were displaced by the terrible tragedy in Surfside.

“However, the Sarasota incident occurred on the other side of the state, approximately 3 1/2 hours away from Boston and New York, and will not affect any recovery efforts. In fact, President Trump has instructed his team Collect relief assistance for Surfside families online and on-site at the Sarasota rally,” Harrington said.

The death toll caused by the collapse of Champlain Tann is currently 22, and the rescue team has encountered difficulties in its efforts to find survivors.A group Forced to demobilize due to COVID-19 infection.

Weekly newspaper The Governor’s Office of DeSantis has been asked for comment.

Then Ron DeSantis, Florida Republican candidate for governor, spoke with US President Donald Trump at a campaign rally held at Pensacola International Airport in Pensacola, Florida on November 3, 2018. Governor DeSantis will not attend the Trump rally in Florida on Saturday.
Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images

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