OnePlus is aligning its mobile operating system with Oppo’s

Half a month after OnePlus Announce It is becoming a sub-brand of Oppo and it has disclose It also merged its OxygenOS with its new parent company ColorOS.The two brands have decided to “best use [their] Share resources” and standardize the software experience in their product portfolio. But when OnePlus says they “are working on integrating the code bases of OxygenOS and ColorOS, what does it mean?” “It says you might not even notice the difference because the change is happening behind the scenes.

OxygenOS will remain the operating system for OnePlus devices released globally.As 9to5Google It’s worth noting that the OnePlus phones released in China already run ColorOS, and this may still be the case-it’s just that the operating system will now obscure the code base. All new devices to be released by the sub-brand will run the new OxygenOS, and devices currently receiving updates will get new platforms through wireless updates.

Speaking of updates, OnePlus promises to provide better and longer Android update support, and it can now compete with it Samsung, With changes.This OnePlus 8 series And the brand’s new flagship will receive three major Android updates and security updates for the next four years. At the same time, the first Nord and any updated Nord and Nord CE devices will receive two major Android and three-year security updates.Finally, good quality and low price Nord N series Phones starting from N10 and N100 will receive a major Android update and three-year security update. Unfortunately, if you have a flagship product older than OnePlus 8, you can continue to look forward to two major Android updates and three-year security updates.

When announcing the merger, the two companies stated that OnePlus will maintain independent operations. However, since this move is aimed at centralizing their resources and better simplifying their operations, it is not surprising to link their operating systems more closely.

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