Nothing can revive the best technological trends of the 90s

The teaser image of its upcoming earbuds is a bit difficult to decipher, so here is a small part of what we think is happening.

The teaser image of its upcoming earbuds is a bit difficult to decipher, so here is a small part of what we think is happening.
image: there is nothing

Since Carl Pei left OnePlus to establish there is nothing, His new company has always promised to adopt new modern technology design methods According to some new tidbits, nothing seems to rely heavily on the technological trends of the 90s: Perspective gadget.

Nothing claims to be “The first ever A close-up picture of the upcoming headphones (1) wireless earbuds, it Post A rather mysterious picture on Instagram, which contains a transparent object surrounded by a more transparent swirl, which may or may not Become part of the gadget design.

Screenshot without any earplugs

This is another screenshot of Nothing’s trailer. Even though it is blurry, the appearance of the object strongly suggests that we are looking at a transparent plastic case.
Screenshot: Sam Rutherford

Although I haven’t confirmed which part it is After some digging and inspection, its upcoming earplugs are shown in the picture above There is no notice document, I suspect that the large rectangular shape is the transparent shell of Nothing earbuds, and the earbuds themselves (even if they are highly distorted) can be seen in the lower left. There are even some discernible components, such as the small white protrusions on the earplugs, which appear to be some kind of translucent earplugs.

The idea of ​​transparency is nothing. Pei has been working hard to promote it. Pei said today that “transparent design is one of the most difficult things for engineering teams”, and it is dangerous. This way is “It’s easy to create something transparent that looks cheap.”

Analysis of Nothing's teaser image

Here is my CSI-level attempt to decipher what’s actually being shown in Nothing’s teaser image.
Image: Sam Rutherford

Previously, Pei has even said that Nothing’s goal is to completely eliminate things like logos and branding from its devices so that the only thing that’s left is “raw tech.” That said, trying to make a transparent gadget and actually doing so are two very different things, as a lot of components in gadgets like screws, glue, and batteries aren’t really conducive to being transparent or translucent, which is a challenge Nothing’s design team mentions in the company’s mini-doc.

Regardless, if we look past Nothing’s teaser to consumer electronics as a whole, it really feels like Nothing may be on to something with its quest for transparent tech, or at the very least coming full circle on a trend we last saw in the 90s and early 2000s.

Back when Macaulay Culkin was still a cute kid fending off incompetent robbers, Toys and game consoles made of translucent plastic can be seen everywhere. We have a transparent neon green N64, an iMac with a bright candy-colored case, and a variety of gadgets and gadgets made of translucent plastic, which is awesome.

In recent years, many companies have danced with things like Xiaomi around the idea of ​​transparent gadgets Transparent TV Or its special Mi 9 version. But in most cases, transparent or semi-transparent technology is largely limited to a more niche area Market segments like retro games, There is already a built-in perspective gadget fan base.

But to some extent, that is What makes Nothing’s promotion of transparent technology such an attractive proposition. Not only are they not prepared to take advantage of the nostalgia of the millennials who have grown up now, but they still have fond memories of their translucent 90s technology. By aiming to increase transparency, there is no time to stand out more easily than other large technology brands such as Apple , Samsung, etc.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of specific information at present, most of us are just guesses. However, Nothing will officially launch its Ear (1) earbuds on July 27th, and we should have a clearer understanding of what Nothing did before. long.


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