The director of “Tomorrow’s War” tells how terrible aliens were created

Tomorrow’s WarDirected by Chris McKay, there are some very scary monsters. White Spikes are aliens responsible for the terrible future war. Their behavior looks evil and it takes a long time to design.

In the movie, Chris Pratt plays Dan, a father and biology teacher who served in the military. After the alien race took over, he was sent to the war zone along with other civilians.

Dan suddenly found that he was using his scientific and military skills for his own benefit, and leading others to seek to get rid of the world of white spikes.

speak Weekly newspaper, McKay talked about the long process they went through to find the white spikes.

He said: “We talked to many different designers and finally came up with a great design. I want them to feel old, I want them to feel that their skin has a history, you know, nicks and Incisions as well as eczema and psoriasis.

“I want them to feel that they have fungus on them, you know, they have hard and soft surfaces… I want them to feel hungry. I want to feel that they have endless hunger. So for males, I think Let their stomachs be sucked in. They want teeth, which looks like a dental nightmare, because obviously they don’t clean their teeth. It’s just something coming out of their mouths.

“And I hope they have a barbaric wisdom. They understand their communication, just like coyotes and wolves. You know, they hunt and chase prey in groups. I hope you can, even if you don’t understand.” What are they talking about, you know they are running a drama that they can communicate with each other. They are, yes, wild wild intelligence is an important part of it. “

This kind of hunger and barbaric wisdom is very important to the plot of the movie, because this alien race hunts humans to eat, causing irreparable damage to the world.

Given their name-White Spikes-artillery is very important, and it took a lot of time to exercise.

He added: “They need some kind of offensive weapon capability. So they have tentacles and spikes and they can shoot.”

Another goal of McKay and the visual effects team was to create textures, change the contrast of the shots, and add more “notches and cuts” to their skins to make them as realistic as possible.

When Dan and his accomplices were sent to a research facility taken over by a beast, the white spikes were revealed at a terrifying moment.

Speaking of this scene, McKay explained how he was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock and horror movies to create tension.

He said: “I know we are creating tensions, right… but it’s like, you have an army of ordinary people in a special situation, putting a lot of pressure on them…

“You kind of watch the whole movie from Chris’ point of view, right? It’s like, Chris appears in every scene, there is no scene with Chris.

“And there is no scene or moment in the movie that makes you unable to believe that Chris has gone through to some extent… trying to make this an immersive experience. And, you know, immerse you in this person From the point of view of Dan’s point of view, it makes the film as subjective as possible.”

In the scene, a group of people slowly walked down the stairs, while the white thorns waited for the opportunity to pounce on them.

When the aliens were finally revealed, McKay said that he tried to put them together “like Picasso’s paintings” so that the audience could spend some time seeing the entire character.

He said: “I also want you to know that because the white spikes are designed in a certain way, I kind of want you to see them, trying to make the audience stand in the perspective of our hero.

“When they only saw a tentacle and a head profile, a bit like a Picasso painting, you don’t know what this thing looks like.

“So you just put these shapes in your mind. Then suddenly, they come out and attack. It’s a bit unstable to the audience for me. It kind of puts you into the scene.”

In order to create a sense of tension, dark light, heavy breathing and suppressed silence are also used… I hope to make the audience happy or scared.

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Selected stills from “Tomorrow’s War”

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