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This week: Learn how to use Sentry to track production errors 📈, so that your new employees have the best start 📚, stay up to date-hope it will continue! – Use {{on}} modifier 🔛 method of handling events in Ember, a cheat sheet for modern Ember components✨, and last but not least, learn how to use Prember and Ember data to create static sites🔥!

sentinel Is an open source error tracking tool that can help you monitor and fix production errors in Ember applications. In 2018, Sentry released a new browser SDK called @sentry/browser.

To help you get started, @Turbo87 Published a blog post. 🧡 In particular, you can learn how to:

  • Migrated from ember-cli-sentry Official supplement @sentry/browser
  • Feel free to report messages and exceptions to Sentry
  • Filter out unimportant errors
  • Add metadata to the error

We encourage you Deliver high-quality Ember apps immediately!

@jenweber Wrote a great Blog post On how to hire and train new developers. She provides 10 important tips to help you solve the pain points of company recruitment and training. If you are responsible for recruiting new people, or if you have new colleagues in your team, this is definitely a good article to get some new ideas about the onboarding process.

If you have already started a new job, this article is for you too! We encourage you to consider how you would like to receive training and how to contribute to the team’s onboarding process.

This Actionedit It is the original way of handling events in Ember.new {{on}} The modifier is Launched this year Address some of the shortcomings of action modifiers, such as being clear, working consistently on all events, and working well in SSR.

a method {{on}} The difference between a modifier and an action assistant is that it is only responsible for adding (and removing) event listeners using the addEventListener API. The action assistant is still needed to bind the context, see below.

<button {{on 'click' (action 'addOne')}}>
  Add one!

see this free Tutorial video on {{on}} modify Embers Map!

On the way to The release of Ember Octane, a lot of Modern component functions Already available in the most recent Ember version.If you want to track which features are already provided by a specific 3.x version of Ember, please check The ultimate Ember component cheat sheet.

Also, if you want to learn more about how these new component APIs work, be sure to check Ember Components Museum after @jenweber. ✨

like @CodingItWrong Who created the cheat sheet, thank you for sharing it with the community!

Due date Is one with Quick Start. It allows you to serve your application statically and get the benefits of fast first drawing and SEO!

@Gaurav0 Recently published his Notes on using Prember with Ember DataYou will learn how to set up Prember and Fastboot shoeboxes, as well as some data challenges you may encounter in the process. See how Prember can help you today!

This week we want to thank @sdhull, @josemarluedke, @bantic, @amyrlam, @sivakumar-kailasam, Mansona, @toddjordan, @pzuraq, @runspired, @rwjblue with @Gaurav0 Thanks for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

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Submit your own Short and sweet problem under bit.ly/ask-ember-coreDon’t worry, there are no stupid questions, we thank them-guaranteed! 🤞

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