Strongly opposed to New York saying that Cleveland is not so hot

In large cases apple I took a bite myself, New York officials Twitter The account mocked Cleveland, prompting many to defend the Ohio city.

A tweet from New York City showed an image of its world-famous skyline, while a cloud of gray glared overhead.

Next to the low-contrast image, more shadows appeared in the tweet, “The cloudy day in New York City is still better than the sunny day in Cleveland.”

Although this may be just a way of looking at the bright side of a dull day, many people have discussed on Twitter that this unexpected left uppercut means New York’s mentality for the cities along Lake Erie.

“Where did this come from?” Twitter reporter Chris Morris. “Our football team actually plays in our state. In fact, it’s in our city center, just like Cincy’s.

In this 2015 photo, the Cleveland skyline was taken from the Lorraine-Carnegie Bridge. New York’s Twitter account checked the weather in Ohio.
Raymond Boyd/Getty

“You have to take three buses and a tunnel or a bridge to see two very ordinary New York teams playing in someone else’s state. Siddown.”

Brian Musick tweeted: “Enjoy your masks, mice, and high rents. We will always smile.” A Cleveland fan in Pittsburgh wrote: “Cleveland has better pizza, football, presidents And transportation. Besides, living in Cleveland is very affordable.”

The difference in lifestyle between cities is also a theme of Cleveland’s defense, and RustBeltPants tweeted: “Stopped in the city center…it cost $2 yesterday.

“Then go to have lunch on a large terrace with a lake view. I will continue to answer this question with wonderful pictures of my life in Cleveland so you can be jealous and feel stupid.” Another user wrote: “I The mortgage is $500 per month,” and added, “I can walk to the beach in ten minutes.”

If I worked for the Cleveland Tourism Bureau, I would consider this tweet to be a huge victory. New York City announced that they see The Cleve as a competitor.

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahDispatch) July 3, 2021

The account of the Sewer District in Northeast Ohio compared the municipal services it provided with the sentiments expressed in New York, and wrote on Twitter: “New York City does not have sewer facilities to deal with this kind of garbage.”

At the same time, Tynes wrote on Twitter: “That’s despicable. Take it back. I live in New York City. Please apologize to Cleveland. This is a beautiful city with great art and culture.”

That tweet was read in a clip on the Ohio network, ABC As the home of the world-famous Cleveland Orchestra, its affiliate WSYX defended the city. It also pointed out that the Cleveland Browns wide receiver, Odell Beckham Junior, “I prefer it here.”

However, if there is no bad publicity, then Ohio City can take New York City’s slightness as a compliment.

“If I worked for the Cleveland Tourism Authority, I would consider this tweet a huge victory. New York City announced that they see The Cleve as a competitor,” Jonah Goldberg tweeted.

JobsOhio, an economic development organization, tweeted: “Why is @nycgov so pessimistic? We love New York too! @TheCLE #Ohio not to be missed!”

Back in March, Jobs Ohio made fun of in New YorkGram Because it urges businesses and people to move to Buckeye State. It reads on billboards in Manhattan and Brooklyn: “Your buildings are higher and our taxes are lower.”

Weekly newspaper The New York City Government and Cleveland City Hall have been contacted for comments.

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