Mechanization of beautiful games

This is the opposite of Dorian Gray’s relationship with his portrait. For decades, Italy has played a cold defensive football, which runs counter to the glory of its own country. This team is now one of the most susceptible to attention. Apart from obvious doubts-is Italy about to become a garbage dump? ——In the era of ordinary games, I insist on such pity.

The 2020 European Cup is the first major tournament that hasn’t caught my attention since 1986. I was four years old and there was no TV at home. If it wasn’t for laughing to hurt your abdomen, I would say that I work too hard.

The real problems have been brewing for most of the past decade. It begins with the worship of “oppression” (running to recover the ball). It continues with NFL-style offensive rehearsals. Guardiola Once Thierry Henry was placed off the bench in a series of passes. The fact that it makes him a target is lack of relief.

Add astronaut-level physical conditions to this micro-management, and you have the mechanization of a game, the central point of which is the expression of anarchism. Regardless of “field”, “court” or “stage”, the best state of football is as invisible as a great city. Modern games have a taste of Canberra.

An alternative measure of change is the shape of the player’s body.They used to be as thin as a rolling stone, it’s better to open one Sheng Ding And the thread meanders the pass. Now, even the most flexible positions-full-backs, midfielders, wingers-have a sort of Manchester City trader’s tights and gym bloat when they go out at night.

I mainly pay tribute to the Americanization of football: data, granular analysis, Consumer friendlyAn important factor that I questioned is that athletic ability is compelling in nature. Its place is athletics.

To say a good thing about the new game, it taught me the patience that development is not axiomatic progress. In most cases, I am one of the “Voltaire bastards” referred to by Canadian writer John Ralston Thor. I find that modernist Los Angeles is more beautiful than Prague. I look at it with suspicion that we no longer call the historical baptism of the Dark Ages. When a fool uses the blockade as a path to a slower, more affectionate life, all I can do is keep my dinner in my stomach. However, I’m here to frown for the football craftsmen, because the new variety of spinning Jenny stirs by their side.

Young readers will diagnose early-onset middle age and its accompanying nostalgia here. Older people may comfort me by saying that sports trends are cyclical. When Pete Sampras and other ballistic servers first appeared, there was a moral panic in the tennis world. Followed by a genius constellation that is still with us.

In this game, the budding of style revival has begun to emerge. There is Spain’s Pedri, the youngest starter in the history of the game. The Dutchman Frenkie de Jong is another guy with an old-school logo: he seems to run faster with the ball than without it.

However, in the end, I feel that their transparent promise will fail. The sport now uses the time of day for the most shocking statistic: distance.

An examiner once talked about the dazzling scholar Jeremy Wolfenden, “He wrote as if everything was under him; he wrote as if all this was a waste of his time.” From George Best to Ronaldinho, football players from big and small countries have the same solemn laziness. Italy still accepted Roberto Baggio in their humblest time, even though his knee injury prevented him from moving.

The point is not that skills and wisdom are gone. Given the speed of the game, players need to control the ball and discover opportunities better than ever. England alone has a pair of young masters.

It’s just that all these talents are incorporated into defensive duties, clockwork passing mode and-oh, vulgar-running corset. At the club level, Kevin De Bruyne, perhaps the greatest genius remaining in the tournament, is a good example. Seeing him pick up the ball, find his position, and swing a fast pass, To infinity. It is beautiful, but the blue jay in the cage is also beautiful.

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