The blue screen of death in Windows 11 is turning black

The start menu may not be the only element of the Microsoft desktop operating system, it has been overhauled visually. According to , Windows 11 will have a black screen of death instead of the current blue screen that we all know and fear.This will be the first major adjustment to this part of the Windows interface since Microsoft .

Microsoft has not yet enabled the new BSOD in Windows 11, mainly because the operating system is in preview and the Insider version has been As , There is a way to enable the new BSOD in the current preview version, but it involves editing your Windows registry, which is definitely not worth doing for things you don’t want to see anyway.

It is not clear why Microsoft wants to change the color of the blue screen of death. however, edge The implication is that this may be because the company is already adjusting other parts of the Windows interface to make the operating system feel more modern. At least, there are no new acronyms to learn. We will also point out that there may be many changes between now and Microsoft’s launch of Windows 11 in the fall.

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