Western Digital will not fix the vulnerabilities in the old version of My Cloud OS3 storage devices

Owners of Western Digital Network Attached Storage (NAS) equipment may encounter another security issue.Following hackers exploiting these two vulnerabilities , Security reporter Brian Krebs Regarding another zero-day vulnerability affecting Western Digital products running the company’s My Cloud OS3 software. More importantly, for those who do not upgrade to a newer storage solution, there does not seem to be an official fix.

Earlier this year, security researchers Radek Domanski and Pedro Ribeiro discovered a series of vulnerabilities that allow malicious actors to remotely update My Cloud OS3 devices to add backdoors. The two said that when they tried to contact the company about the vulnerability, they never received any response. Western Digital attributed its response (or lack of response) to a previous policy.

A spokesperson for the company told Krebs: “The information we received confirms that the participating research team plans to release details of the vulnerability and asks us to contact them about any issues.” “We have no questions, so we did not respond. Since then, we have updated our processes and responded to every report to avoid similar misinformation again.”

Although the flaw does not exist in Western Digital’s new My Cloud OS 5, it is not clear whether the company has re-solved the problem in My Cloud OS3. More importantly, it no longer plans to support old software. “We will not provide any further security updates for the My Cloud OS3 firmware,” Western Digital said in a statement. The date is March 12, 2021. “We strongly recommend that you migrate to My Cloud OS 5 firmware. If your device does not meet the requirements for upgrading to My Cloud OS 5, we recommend that you upgrade to one of our other My Cloud products that support My Cloud OS 5.”

We have contacted the company for more information.At the same time, you can protect your My Cloud device in the following ways Developed by Domanski and Ribiro. One thing to note is that it needs to be reapplied every time the device is restarted. You can also protect your My Cloud NAS drive by restricting access to the Internet.

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