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Whether you are by the pool, hiking on the hillside, or hanging out on the sofa, reliable Bluetooth speakers can turn ordinary events into experiences. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy excellent wireless audio. TREBLAB HD7 combines excellent sound quality and impressive durability into one portable device, and , Or a 37% discount.

TREBLAB HD7 is waterproof and shockproof, making it an excellent travel companion for outdoor activities and activities such as camping and beach parties. With the IPX6 rating and durable design, you can immerse this speaker in water up to one meter deep and trust it to withstand various factors.

HD7 is compact and easy to carry. The speaker is only more than 6 inches in height and no more than 3 inches in length or width. It can be easily put in a wallet, backpack or suitcase. If you want to put the audio on your hips while hiking or walking, you can also hang it on the attached drawstring.

The sound quality of HD7 is excellent. It provides 360-degree surround audio with 12W of power, whether you are outdoors or indoors, it can provide you with clear and powerful sound. The dual bass dual subwoofer also adds depth and vibration to the experience. To use TREBLAB HD7, you only need to pair it with any Bluetooth-compatible device (such as a smartphone).

All in all, you can get 25 hours of playing time on a single charge, and thanks to its Bluetooth 4.2 technology, the wireless connection is reliable and consistent. You can also pair the HD7 with another Bluetooth portable speaker to create a true wireless stereo experience.

Now you can , A 37% discount.

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