Bird Pilots electric wheelchair and scooter rental in New York City

Although Bird is best known for , Which recently expanded to Now it is also entering the barrier-free space.With help , A company specializing in wheelchair and scooter rental, this startup is Trial a new plan. It adds a dedicated interface to its app, allowing people with reduced mobility to book and rent one of three different electric vehicles.

The rental time varies from 1 to 14 days, and you can decide where to get on and off the car. Every time you rent, Bird will provide a face-to-face tutorial to answer any questions you have about the electric car you are about to rent. The company will also have a toll-free number, and customers can call to inquire about the entire process.

One of the vehicles Bird allows people to drive is the Whill Model Ci2 (pictured above).We have the opportunity to test the first Ci variant , Driving it through the Vegas showroom at a speed of five miles per hour. The plan will be carried out first in New York City, and other cities will follow up throughout 2021, depending on the implementation of the pilot.

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