Brazil’s potential presidential candidate declares he is gay | Jair Bolsonaro News

The governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite, may challenge Jair Bolsonaro, who supports anti-gay rhetoric.

Brazil’s governor and potential major party presidential candidate, Eduardo Leite, a well-known critic of President Jair Bolsonaro, came out as gay in a TV interview.

The governor of Rio Grande do Sul Wright will become Brazil’s first openly gay presidential candidate. Anti-gay speech has always been the main content of Bolsonaro’s speech. He once declared that if he had a gay son, he would rather die in an accident.

“I have never talked about topics related to my private life,” Wright told Brazilian reporter Pedro Biar in a TV interview on Thursday night.

“But at this moment of low integrity in Brazil, I have nothing to hide. I am gay. I am a gay governor, not a gay governor, because former US President Barack Obama is a black president, not a black president. I am proud of this. .”

Bolsonaro called himself a “proud gay”. During his three decades in Brazilian politics, he has been criticizing the LGBTQ community, denying the increase in violence and calling them “sad stories.” In an interview in 2013, he said that homosexuals recruit heterosexual children to satisfy their sexual desires, “no father is proud of having a homosexual son.”

Wright thanked many people who contacted him after his announcement on Twitter, with a “message of care and support”, “let me be absolutely certain: love will defeat hatred.”

Social Democratic Party PSDB member Wright supported Bolsonaro in the second round of elections in Brazil in 2018, but became a critic of the president’s management of the COVID pandemic.

Wright, 36, will be a candidate for the PSDB primary election scheduled in November to select the presidential candidate for the 2022 general election. The other candidates in the primary election are Sao Paulo Governor Joao Doria, Senator Tasso Jeresati and former Senator Arthur Virgilio.

Bolsonaro told supporters on Friday that Wright tried to use his coming out as a “calling card” for the presidential campaign.

“I am not against his private life, but he cannot impose his lifestyle on others,” he added.


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