Riot Games released a royalty-free music album for Twitch anchors

Riot Games is no stranger to making music.with K / yes, The studio has one of the most popular virtual bands in the world, but its latest music project is different.On Friday, Riot released Conversation: Six, A 37-track instrumental beat album with contributions from artists, such as Cromonic with Juvenile state. The special feature of this release is that anchors and content creators can use Conversation: Six free.

Riot hopes that this album and similar albums in the future will help alleviate some of the copyright issues that Twitch anchors have had to deal with for most of the past year.At the beginning of June last year, Twitch received The “sudden influx” of DMCA removal noticesMost of them are for archived broadcasts that have been broadcast on the platform for many years.The company has tried Variety of ways To prevent further removal notices, but these efforts did not seem to solve the problem.That’s because in May Twitch said it received another batch of about 1,000 separate DMCA noticesFor some broadcasters, these notification representatives may prohibit the use of the service.

You can stream Conversation: Six on Apple Music, Spotify with YouTube.

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