California Governor Newsom will face a vote for removal in September | Election News

Driven by Republicans, the governor of the largest state in the United States will fall into the hands of California voters in a rare special election.

A state official announced on Thursday that after the state’s top election official approves the removal petition, the Republican-led US campaign to remove California Governor Gavin Newsom will hold a special vote on September 14.

The 2-1/2-year race to remove Newsom during his four-year tenure is becoming chaotic because of several well-known Republicans including transgender celebrities Caitlin Jenner And former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer (Kevin Faulconer) said they will run to replace him.

Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis said in a statement that a special election will be held on September 14 to determine “whether California Governor Gavin Newsom should be removed, and if the majority of the votes on the issue is a removal, then the election will succeed.” By”.

Recall elections are rare in the United States, but they are not uncommon in California’s freewheeling state political system.Newsom’s handling of lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic Aroused strong opposition Oppose his leadership and get him into trouble. Defeating the television politician Newsom who is considered the future Democratic presidential candidate has become a celebrity among Republicans across the United States.

Newson Framed Recall effort As a power seizure of Republicans, they have few other opportunities to obtain statewide office in California, and the party represents only a quarter of the registered voters.

On June 15, California Governor Gavin Newsom reacted when he selected the winner in the vaccine lottery contest held at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles [Mario Anzuoni/Reuters]

In California, the recall-the process of which election officials or judges can be removed from the office before its terms end-requires a double ballot. Voters decide whether to remove the current governor, and then choose a replacement on the same ballot.

If more than 50% of the people choose to end Newsom’s term, the alternative candidate with the most votes, even if it is less than the majority, will win and become the new governor.

California law does not limit how many candidates can participate in the recall. According to CalMatters, a non-profit organization called Philanthropy News, 55 people have submitted a statement of intent to campaign.

Frustrated by the state’s rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, school closures, and a complex set of public health rules in response to the pandemic, the campaign against Newsom began to heat up.

“I am going to lead this recall and begin the comeback of California to clean up our streets, reduce taxes on the middle class, and reopen our schools,” the moderate Fowler, considered by Republicans to be a real threat to Newsom Kona said, said on Twitter.

But as the state recovered from the coronavirus pandemic, the governor’s approval rating has climbed. In a May poll conducted by the California Institute of Public Policy, nearly six in ten potential voters said they would vote for Newsom to remove the president.

Newsom, a former lieutenant governor and San Francisco mayor, was elected governor in 2018 with almost 62 percent of the vote. Normally, he will run for re-election in 2022.

The recall against Newsom began in February 2020 and was led by an organization called the California Patriot League, which opposed Newsom’s liberal politics.

The only recall attempt to qualify for voting in California was in 2003, when the then Democratic Gov. Gray Davis was replaced by bodybuilder and Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was a Democrat with only a few months in office. Man, a Republican.


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