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Check out Ember 3.14 version 🐹✨, “I contribute to Ember” and Ryan Mark 👨‍💻, submit your EmberConf 2020 proposal today🎤, Octane VS Code plugin🤖, Ember Basic Dropdown and Ember Power Select ⭐ Beta version, listen To the new episode of Ember Weekend 🎧 and new reader questions about the future of DDAU🤓!

The latest version of Ember is released! Man 3.14 Brings many new features, bug fixes and improvements to the Ember.js library, Ember Data and Ember CLI.

This version includes performance improvements for getting relationships in the following ways links And new @model Syntax in the routing template, as described in Request for Comments (RFC) No. 523, And other updates.In addition, the Octane preview Keep using the latest version of Ember-allowing you to try Ember Octane in your app today!

Read all about the new and shiny Ember 3.14 version and how to opt-in to Octane Official announcement.

in our Thirteenth edition Our contributor interview series, community members Ryan Mark @tylerturdenpants, Talk about his work on codemods. Ryan was an early contributor to Ember Times!He did a lot of work on Puppeteer ember-times-tools, A tool to convert Times blog posts into Goodbits, our email provider.What is the puppet master? ember-codemods-telemetry assistant use. 🔗

We would like to thank Ryan for his contribution to the Ember community and his economic contribution to the Ember Times Goodbits subscription last year! 👏 View full interview Ember Discussion Forum.

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The idea behind these interviews is to provide community members with more information and insights about open source contributions, learning resources, and community activities. Contributors to the community have been given a platform to share their views on their experiences and learning as they contribute to Ember. We hope that it will enable first-time and progressive contributors to better understand the fact that everyone starts small and anyone can have a significant impact on the community.

Per year, EmberConf Become wonderful, Ambitious Lectures and seminars.We encourage you to be on stage in 2020 and Share what you have learned (or want to learn) with the world! You can give a 5, 15 or 30 minute lecture, or a 3 hour seminar. You can also submit more than 1 proposal.

Don’t know what to talk about or need a little push?Feel free to view CFP Brainstorming Conference Recording And ask for help #ember-conf channel on Discord.

If you are a fan of VS Code, you may want to check the latest version Two great VS Code plugin Alex Kanunnikov @lifeart Provide support for Octane function in VS Code! ✨

This Unstable Ember language server The plugin now provides support for auto-completion of component parameters in the template, LinkTo The routing parameters are automatically completed and the scope of improvement is automatically completed.

And, the recently released Glimmer template syntax for VS Code The plug-in provides support for Glimmer template file format!

Miguel Kamba @cybernox Beta version released Embers basically drop down (3.0.0-beta.2) and Embers Power Choice (4.0.0-beta.3) Now it is a low light component!

Both beta versions are required Man 3.13 Or bigger. Try it today!

Following Interrupt 😉, Jonathan Jackson, Robert Jackson, with Chase McCarthy Get together and record one New Ember Weekend Episode And share news in the Ember ecosystem.

In episode 133, you will learn more about the remaining tasks Octane number Publish, improve Ember angle bracket codemod with ember-no-implicit-this-codemodAnd how to join and help develop ember-codemods organization!

Tomster mascot during office hours

This week’s reader question focuses on common patterns of state management in the Ember application: Data drops, actions rise (both). Although DDAU is Road of embers To build applications, it sometimes doesn’t seem intuitive to people who use the framework.Do you have a plan Improve the developer experience Will DDAU be used in Ember applications in the future?

You can find the answer in this week’s reader questions!Read all about the future of DDAU and how Ember will help you apply this useful model Jessica Jordan (@jessica-jordan) Reply Official Ember Forum!

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This week we want to thank @pzuraq, @阿隆斯基, @Gaurav0, @igorT, @runspired, @chancancode, @patricklx, @Turbo87, @stefanpenner, @rwjblue, @SergeAstapov, @sivakumar-kailasam, @pichfl, @pradeepcep, @sly7-7 with @jenweber Thanks for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

Want to write for Ember Times? Any suggestions for next week’s problem?join us #support-ember-times in Ember community discord Or ping us @embertimes On Twitter.

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Jared Galanis, Isaac Lee, Chris Ng, Amy Lam, Jessica Jordan and the learning team

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