Intel and Apple may be the first to use TSMC’s 3-nanometer chip

According to reports, Apple and Intel are using TSMC’s 3nm process to test chip designs and may be the first to market the technology. NikkeiIntel may plan to use these chips in next-generation notebook computers and data centers, and Apple may be the first to introduce 3nm processors in future iPad models. According to reports, Taiwan’s TSMC will start producing processors for the two companies as early as next year.

TSMC is currently manufacturing 5-nanometer chips for Apple’s iPhone 12, and will manufacture the next-generation AMD Zen 4 chips in 2022. Its goal is to mass produce 3 nanometers in the second half of 2022, and the product may come out in 2023.

TSMC predicts that compared with 5nm technology, this new technology will provide 10-15% higher performance at the same power level, or reduce power by 25% to 30% at the same transistor speed. The company also has a 4-nanometer N4 process that will be launched in 2022, providing an evolution beyond 5 nanometers with minimal changes required by chip designers.

According to reports, Apple’s iPad will be the first device to use a 3-nanometer chip. Nikkeiorigin of. For scheduling reasons, the next-generation iPhone to be launched next year is said to use 4 nanometer technology.

At present, the chip volume of Intel’s plan is larger than that of the Apple iPad using the 3-nanometer process.

Intel’s situation may be more interesting.Intel confirmed Nikkei It will cooperate with TSMC to develop its 2023 product lineup and have Said before It subcontracted part of the chip manufacturing to the Taiwanese company, but it did not specify which technology it would use.

For now, Intel has just begun to launch its 10-nanometer chips (roughly equivalent to chips made by TSMC’s 7-nanometer process) and postponed 7-nanometer production until 2023.

according to Nikkei, TSMC will produce more chips for Intel than Apple. A source said: “The current amount of chips Intel plans to exceed the amount of chips in the Apple iPad using the 3nm process.” Intel plans to use TSMC to make processors for notebook computers and data servers, “trying to recapture it in the past few years China lost to Supermicro Devices and Nvidia’s market share,” the story reads.

If the rumors are true, Intel may beat AMD in 3nm technology because AMD plans to use 5nm chips in its next-generation Zen 4 processors.As determined by its previous supplier GlobalFoundries, AMD now relies on TSMC to produce its processors and GPU chips Not made In 2018, 7-nanometer or smaller chips will be launched.

TSMC is put up Invest in a $12 billion chip factory in Arizona and plan to use its current 5 nanometer manufacturing technology.At the same time, Intel Planned investment Invest US$20 billion in two factories in Arizona.

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