New Year’s Countdown


Melanie Sumner

This is the first article of our DecEmber series-“New Year’s Countdown: 31 Days Ember Plugin”. We plan to highlight a new plug-in every day before the new year, and we hope you can join us!

first day

To get started, we have to look at Sort of embers.

What can it do

This ember-sortable Plugins provide sortable UI primitives for Ember applications-this is very useful in the sense that teams don’t need to reinvent this very common pattern every time they need it for their own application!

Why i like it

Although the ember-sortable plugin has been around for some time, it provides a consistent way to add drag and drop functionality to Ember applications, but recent additions make this plugin particularly worthy of attention. Yicheng GongSoftware engineers at LinkedIn noticed that the plug-in lacks accessibility support.He passed Organize with Ember plug-in, And updated the plugin to add missing features!

The plugin now provides a way to sort a set of items only through the keyboard-

  • Use active project ENTER or SPACE
  • Move project ARROW key
  • Confirm new sort order ENTER or SPACE
  • Or cancel operation ESC Key, the sort order will be restored.

I really like the way this existing plugin has been improved to make it more accessible, and I am encouraged and excited to see that accessibility is getting more and more attention in the Ember community.

Do you use this plugin? Or do you like it? We would love to know what the Ember plugin can bring you happiness!

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