Watch with Me on Google TV highlights celebrity movies and TV shows

Just like a bookshelf, a watch list will tell us who we are as human beings. They reflect our interests and the things that motivate us.Taking advantage of this, Google is launching a new TV The function is called Watch with meAs part of the ongoing series, it will share content recommendations from celebrities and artists. Each spotlight will also include an interview in which featured characters will talk about their choices. The first Watch With Me will be starring Emmy nominated actress and LGBTQ+ advocate Laverne Cox.

Google is not the first company to integrate such functions. If you’ve used HBO Max recently, you may have seen playlists shared by streaming services around events such as Asian American and Pacific Islander Tradition Month.In this case, HBO Max emphasized Crazy rich asian Director Jon M. Chu. But as far as Google TV is concerned, the difference with Watch With Me is that you will get recommendations from various sources, not just a streaming service, which may make you more inclined to use Google TV as a hub.

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