New Year’s Countdown


Jessica Jordan

May the 4th edition of our December series be with you! In “New Year’s Countdown: 31 Days Ember Plugin”, we will focus on introducing a new plugin every day, until the new year, we hope you can join us!

Day 4

Let’s take a look today Embers Tether.

What can it do

Plug-in Embers Tether Provides us with a UI component-once rendered-it will be rendered Blockage Configure to any other target DOM node on the page through the properties of the component. This “binding” of component blocks to targets elsewhere on the page also preserves the context of the component-making Ember operation processing and data binding possible.

Why i like it

Although we have a lot of control over how and where the Ember application uses routing and components to render the UI, it is sometimes difficult to implement less traditional UI modes, such as interactive modal dialogs or street maps without writing a lot of boilerplate. tooltip. I like to use ember-tether to give me the freedom to render application content wherever I like, almost when I want it.

Have you already used Ember Tether or other plugins that allow you to present your UI in magical ways? If so, please let us know in the comments below!

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