“Director Tsushimaki’s Cut Edition” will be available on PS4 and PS5 on August 20

The samurai adventure more than a year later Ghost on the horse Upon reaching PlayStation 4, Director’s Cut will be available on PS4 and PS5.With the original game and All Update So far, Sucker Punch Productions has been released, there will be a new island to explore, as well as some popular additional content.

Kim will go to Iki Island, adjacent to Tsushima, to investigate rumors that the Mongols are there. However, according to a person familiar with the matter, he will need to deal with some traumatic issues in his early life because he faces the challenge of “deep personal interests”. PlayStation blog post. You will experience new stories and meet new characters.There are also fresh abilities, mini games, enemies, armor and pet.

Iki seems to be an important extension that may help keep fans busy until Movie is coming. New players can unlock Iki after reaching Fengyu area in Act 2. Ghost on the horse.

The PS5 version will have some exclusive features. The cutscenes will now support lip sync for Japanese dubbing. Developers can add this feature by taking advantage of the real-time rendering capabilities of PS5’s cutscenes. The DualSense controller will provide haptic feedback and adaptive trigger support, as well as 3D audio, faster loading times, up to 4K resolution and a target frame rate of 60 fps.

At the same time, a patch with some useful features will soon be available to all players. Target locking options, photo mode updates, more controller remapping, and ways to hide the quiver in battle are coming soon.Other updates are in preparation Tsushima Soul: Legend Cooperation experience Likewise, a new model is included.

Sucker punch production

Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade to Director’s Cut for free on any console.current Ghost on the horse Owners can upgrade to PS4 Director’s Cut for $20. Then, you can upgrade to the PS5 version again for another $10. Or, you can upgrade directly from the original game to PS5 Director’s Cut for $30. call.

Newcomers can buy Director’s Cut Version of Oni Tsushima PS4 is $60 and PS5 is $70. Although there will be a physical version available, if you plan to play soon, it is best to pre-order from the PlayStation Store. The current game is priced at $60, but if you pre-order the upcoming version at the same price, you can download and play the original PS4 game immediately.You will be able to transfer progress to Director’s Cut Version of Oni Tsushima After arrival in August.

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