Toyota trained robot to wipe the table while taking selfies

Obviously, c, this is a problem that companies that design machines for housework need to overcome.Toyota has developed A solution to this problem, and a video was released showing its robot wiping tables and other surfaces-while shooting the video itself.

As the company explains, “most robots are programmed to react to objects and geometric shapes in front of them” and cannot distinguish between actual objects and their reflections. Common things like water cups or shiny toasters may prevent robots working at home from completing tasks normally.Toyota has the final say overcame This problem is solved by developing a new training method that allows the robot to “perceive the 3D geometry of the scene while detecting objects and surfaces.”

In the video, you will see Toyota’s robots looking at the 3D geometric shapes of various elements in the house, enabling it to recognize various types of wipeable surfaces such as tables and counters. It can even detect transparent glasses and move them aside.

Max Bajracharya, vice president of robotics at TRI, said: “Training robots to understand how to operate in a home environment is a special challenge, because of the diversity and complexity of our homes, these small tasks may add up to big challenges.” Bajracharya’s team aims to develop robotic capabilities to enhance human capabilities so that machines can help people in an aging society. This development is a big step towards achieving this goal. You can watch the operation of Toyota robots below:

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