New Year’s Countdown

This is the sixth article in our DecemberEmber series-“New Year’s Countdown: 31 Days Ember Plugin”. We plan to highlight a new plug-in every day before the new year, and we hope you can join us!

Day 6

Once upon a time, if Ember developers wanted to use regular npm packages, they needed to jump over some obstacles, but Manual automatic import Make it a breeze!

What can it do

This ember-auto-import Plugins provide a zero-configuration way to use npm packages in Ember applications, and even load them lazily.

Why i like it

One of my wishes for the Internet is that we can make it easier for newcomers to learn, participate, and build. Whenever I see this trend happening in Ember, I will be very happy.

I like this plugin because it does not require beginners (and experienced developers) to understand the differences between AMD and CJS modules and how they enter the application tree. They don’t need to read how to configure their build. They don’t need to know how Ember’s build pipeline is different from other build tools. They imported what they needed, and it worked. Excellent.

I think back to the early days of my career, when I relied on other people to make plugins that package popular libraries, or I used ember-browserify, This has some disadvantages.Thank you ember-auto-import, It’s a pleasure to use the new library directly or even contribute features or bug fixes upstream. I also think it saves a lot of time in the Ember community because developers don’t need to write and maintain as many wrapper plugins as possible.

This plugin is Octane ready!

Do you use this plugin? Or do you like it? We would love to know what the Ember plugin can bring you happiness!

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