Prison guards charged for smuggling pills in rice crackers

A South Carolina correctional officer was accused of hiding pills in rice crackers and smuggling them into jail.

The South Carolina Department of Corrections said Thursday that the 43-year-old Marcy T. Shaffer has been arrested and charged with misconduct on the job, possession of drugs with intent to distribute and supplying contraband to prisoners. Authorities said Schaefer confessed to the crime and was fired after being arrested.

A press release from the department stated: “The allegations against her involved an attempt to smuggle these pills into the agency in the form of rice crackers.” “The South Carolina Department of Corrections reminds the public that after arrest, the burden of proof is required. It’s because the state excludes reasonable suspicion and proves guilty in court.”

The arrest warrant stated that Shaffer was arrested for trying to smuggle a small amount of adulterated rice crackers. Before Shaffer allegedly tried to bring them into her workplace, the Camille Griffin Graham Correctional Facility, the snacks were removed from their original packaging and placed in a Ziploc bag, which is a medium-secure women’s prison in Colombia.

Prison guard Marcy T. Shaffer was arrested and charged for trying to bring illegal pills into the Rice Krispies restaurant in South Carolina on Thursday. This photo from the South Carolina Department of Corrections shows a bag of smuggled snacks that Shaffer allegedly tried to smuggle.
South Carolina Department of Corrections

The dessert consists of six orange oval pills hidden inside. The authorities also found two identical pills in a prescription bottle, with Shaffer’s name written on them, and “dextroamphetamine 30 mg” on the label—presumed to be Schedule II controlled substances amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine.

The charges that Schafer faces could result in a combined imprisonment of 16 years. It is not clear whether she has hired a defense lawyer.

Weekly newspaper Contact the South Carolina Department of Corrections for comments.

In May, Dana Fisher was accused of trying to smuggle amphetamine to a South Carolina prison using Charms Blow Pops mixed with drugs. The 39-year-old man was allegedly arrested after the authorities at Ridgeland Correctional Institution noticed that the lollipop wrapper looked like it had been coated with glue.

Fisher faces the same accusations that Schaefer faces now.Chrysti Shain, a spokeswoman for the South Carolina Department of Corrections, told Postal and courier Prison staff are allowed to bring candy into the prison for their own use, but they are prohibited from sharing it with prisoners.

Shaffer had previously tried a plan to smuggle drugs into prison using rice crackers. According to reports, in August 2020, correctional officers in Rome, New York found dozens of Suboxone in a snack commercial box mailed to the Mohawk Correctional Institution. Observer-dispatch. Suboxone is a prescription drug commonly used to treat opioid addiction.

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