New Year’s Countdown-Ember A11Y Test


Sivakumar Kailasam

This is the tenth article in our December series-“New Year’s Countdown: 31 Days of Ember Plugin”. We plan to highlight a new plug-in every day before the new year, and we hope you can join us!

10th day

Let’s talk ember-a11y-test.

What can it do

This ember-a11y-testing The plugin is a wrapper And laboratory
Axe core The accessibility (a11y) testing engine can help you identify accessibility issues in Ember applications and provide useful information on how to solve them.

Why i like it

Like many of you, I also developed web applications, but didn’t realize the impact of accessible applications on users. In fact, when I added it to some of the applications I was developing, I started to understand the a11y problem through this plugin, when this plugin was released in 2015.

Although building accessible applications can help more than automated tools such as this plugin, it does help ensure that common a11y violations are caught before they reach the user.

The best part of this plugin is that it allows you to conditionally close part or the entire violation report so that you don’t have to feel overwhelmed when adding it to an existing application. In the teams I’ve worked with, we usually add an environment variable to control the setting so that we can resolve these violations at any time and run a variant of the night test run on CI, and enable flags to check if it’s since the last Since then, the violation count has not increased.

This plugin is Octane ready. Try it now and start your a11y journey.

Do you use this plugin? Or do you like it? We would love to know what the Ember plugin can bring you happiness!

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