Humble Bundle makes progress in purchasing a charitable donation cap

In mid-July, Humble Bundle will continue its previous charitable donation ceiling decision. As early as April, the company announced a plan to open a new store. And limit the amount of purchases that customers can directly use for charity.After being strongly opposed by the community, Humble Bundle stated that it would Take the time to re-evaluate the plan.

As of today, the company plans to advance its storefront version to provide consumers with a certain amount of funding options, but it still cancels the choice of donating everything they spend on charity. The company said in a statement: “Although the split of each bundle will be different, on average, the minimum amount of Humble Bundle will be between 15% and 30%.” be found “The slider will clearly indicate to the customer any minimum, and will have the flexibility to adjust the donation each time the bundle is purchased.”

Humble Bundle stated that its latest decision reflects the changes in the “PC store landscape”, adding that “The slider changes allow us to continue to invest in more exciting content so that we can continue to grow the Humble community, which will eventually Promote more charitable donations.” Media Group IGN The amount is unknown. In 2019, co-founders Jeff Rosen and John Graham left the company.

Like the initial statement, the response to today’s news was not positive. “Yes, this multi-billion dollar company needs more money than my local animal shelter,” A Twitter user said, Referring to the estimated net assets of US$1.9 billion by Ziff Davis, the parent company of IGN and Humble Bundle.

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