Gavin Newsom’s election recall has officially become the secretary of state certification

California is closer to finalizing the date of the recall election on Thursday, preparing to remove the Democratic governor. Gavin Newson From the office.

Officials in Sacramento have almost completed the complex legal operation to officially include the removal on the ballot, which will allow Governor Eleni Kounalakis to set the election date when it is finalized.

Official certification needs to be at least 60 days from the date of election, but not more than 80 days. Many people predict that there will be a vote on the future of the Newsom government in mid-September.

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On May 25, a slogan calling for the recall of California Governor Gavin Newsom was posted next to a farmland in Firebaugh, California. As California entered an extreme drought emergency, water in California’s Central Valley (one of the most productive agricultural areas in the world) began to become scarce.
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In the most populous state of the country, the recall will become a large-scale game with national impact and will be closely watched as a barometer of public sentiment before the 2022 election. Congress Will play again.

Although the final date is still uncertain, after it is clear that the recall organizers have collected enough 1.5 million petition signatures, the campaign has been going on for several months in order to vote on the recall.

Many voters have not paid attention to the upcoming elections, and opinion polls show that Newsom will thwart efforts to remove him. Republicans Since 2006, he has not won a statewide game in California, a state with a large number of Democrats.

Larry Elder’s campaign will bring a celebrity to the Republican field and will be known through his national joint radio program and the name that appears on the ticket Fox News.

Other Republicans who said they would stand for election include former Republican Mayor Kevin Falcona of San Diego, Republican businessman John Cox who was defeated by Newsom in 2018, former U.S. Rep. Doug Osser and reality TV personality, and Former Olympian Caitlin Jenner.

The 69-year-old Elder issued a brief statement on Wednesday night saying that he is seriously considering participating in the competition and will announce his decision early next week.

In the recall election, voters will be asked two questions: First, Newsom should be deposed, shouldn’t it? If the majority of voters vote to remove Newsom, the second question will be the list of alternative candidates to choose from.

Tom Del Beccaro, a former leader of the state Republican Party and chairman of the California Relief Organization, one of the organizations promoting the recall, said that Elder will help increase support for the critical first issue in his hometown of Los Angeles, the area It is the most populous area of ​​the state.

“California statewide games often win or lose in Los Angeles County,” said Del Beccaro, who does not support any candidates. The elders “will bring a constituency that will help us get a’yes’ on the first question.”

Steve Frank, a conservative activist who has long served as the spokesperson for Elder, said that his participation in the election will become “a major game changer.” People in the political field “know him, and many people have listened to his show.”

Elder will also bring more diversity to the Republican team-he is black.

Jack Pittney, a political scientist at Claremont McKenna College, said that Elder’s participation in the election was a setback for Cox, because “Elder would attract the core conservative base of the Republican Party that was originally the base of Cox. “Faulkner is considered a moderate Republican.

Pitney doubts whether Elder’s race will play an important role, because black voting is usually a strong democratic party. Pitney said that Elder was “famous as a radical conservative rather than a champion of African American interests.”

At the same time, on Thursday, the state finance department announced its final estimate of the state and county campaign costs: $276 million.

The promotion of the recall was mainly due to the impact of national health restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic, which led to the closure of schools and thousands of businesses.

California Governor Gavin Newsom speaks at a press conference held at Universal Studios in Universal Studios, California on June 15. Newsom may participate in the removal of the ballot, and his party ID (Democratic Party) is not next to his name. Newsom’s campaign team is suing the secretary of state he appointed because they failed to submit documents on time.
Ringo HW Chiu/Associated Press Photo

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