Prince Harry and Prince William’s reaction to the BBC Princess Diana interview

Prince William and Prince Harry condemned the BBC and media culture after the incident. Independent investigation The conclusion drawn on Thursday was that former BBC reporter Martin Bashir (Martin Bashir) Used “deception” to secure his explosive interview in 1995 With their late mother Princess Diana.

The same investigation also found that the BBC had covered up deceptive behavior and “did not meet its high standards of integrity and transparency.” These behaviors involved forged documents, implying that her close assistant was speaking to the press.

In a video posted on social media, Prince William (aka the Duke of Cambridge) said that the BBC had played with his mother’s fears, [her] In the process of their efforts to get the interview, Diana finally denounced the royal family in the interview.

William said: “I think the deceptive way of getting the interview greatly affected what my mother said.” “This interview made my parents’ relationship worse and hurt countless others.”

The prince said that he felt “indescribable sadness” when he knew that “the failure of the BBC had a great impact on her fear, paranoia and isolation”.

William said he believed that the interview contained “false narratives” and should not be broadcast again.

In another statement, Prince Harry condemned what he called a “culture of exploitation and immorality” in the media that led to the death of his mother-a culture that he said is still widespread.

“Our mother is an amazing woman who dedicated her life to service. She is tough, courageous, and unquestionably honest,” Harry responded to the findings in a statement on Thursday. “The chain reaction of the culture of exploitation and immoral behavior eventually took her life.

“For those who have adopted some form of accountability, thank you for having it. This is the first step towards justice and truth,” he continued.

“However, what worries me deeply is that practices like this — and even worse — are still common today. In the past and now, it was bigger than an outlet, a network, or a publication.

“Our mother was killed because of this, nothing has changed,” Harry said. “By protecting her heritage, we have protected everyone and maintained her dignity throughout her life. Let us remember who she is and what she represents.”

With its own explosive power Interview Along with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year, Harry said he was worried that the media would be responsible for the death of his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex (aka Meghan Markle). Become suicidal They said they were pregnant with their son Archie due to fierce and unfair media reports from the British tabloids.

“My biggest worry is that history will repeat itself,” he said Say“I have said this publicly many times before. What I have seen is history repeating itself, but it is more, maybe, or definitely more dangerous, because then you join races, join social media. And when I talk about history During the repeat, I was talking about my mother.”

British Broadcasting Corporation Report On Thursday, its director-general Tim Davie had sent a personal apology letter to Harry, William, Prince Charles and Earl Spencer, apologizing for the deception that took place behind the scenes of the interview .

According to the new findings released on Thursday, Bashir “deceived” Earls Spencer with false information to obtain an introduction from his royal sister, which he then used to get her to agree to an interview.

Then when this information was first exposed, the BBC “covered up how [Bashir] Ensure the appropriateness of the interview and his methods. “

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