The best man claimed that he mentioned the divorce in the wedding toast because of the bride’s “nonsense”

Last week, a group of wedding guests heard a toast they would never forget.

A man was recently arrested RedditAfter admitting that he mentioned divorce in a wedding toast for his best friend, it caught his attention. According to him, the bride’s request to him and his wife made him “annoyed” before the wedding, but one comment from the bride’s mother was “the last straw.” Nevertheless, he still wants to know: Is it wrong for him to insult the bride as a best man in his speech?

The anonymous best man posted this story on Reddit Forum r/AmItheA**Hole Wednesday under the username u/CaregiverHuge1686. In his post, he asked Redditors, “AITA [Am I the a**hole] Because tell the truth during a wedding toast? Before discussing his toast, he detailed the events that led him to rewrite the speech.

According to the best man, he and his wife recently bought a house and will have a son in November, so the money for his best friend’s wedding is very tight. He wanted to do his best to explain that he attended a bachelor party, rented an evening dress, paid for food for him and his wife at the rehearsal dinner, and set aside $300 in cash as a wedding gift. He hopes this will be enough to make a contribution, but it is said that the bride asks for much more.

A best man claimed that he mentioned the divorce in the wedding toast because of the bride’s “nonsense” and asked the Redditors if his impromptu speech was wrong. Here, a man with a microphone is waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle.

In the post, he listed a series of requests the bride made to him a few weeks before the wedding. He claimed that according to the bride, his wife “is not allowed to talk about pregnancy” because she “does not want anyone to pay more attention to this matter than the bride.” She also asked his wife to wear a dress that “dilutes” her pregnancy. , And asked his wife not to create “pregnancy scenes” at the wedding and so on.

In addition to all the demands the bride made of his wife, he also claimed that the bride told him that he was not doing enough as the best man and that if he was the “real best man”, he would offer to pay the bar bill. In addition, he said that before the rehearsal dinner, she needs his speech to get final approval; speeches containing internal jokes or stories about the groom that do not include the bride are not allowed.

He was very annoyed and said that he was “reasonable” to his best friend and his bride. In response, his best friend argued that this was the day he was about to become his wife and could only succumb to her demands. He said that he was the one who would deal with her “nonsense” throughout his life.

But although this calmed the best man, he said that the last straw came on the day of the wedding, when he had a drink at the bar-after being “rebuked” by the bride and groom for a whole day-the bride’s mother bride Tell him not to get drunk because he has ruined the day. Angry, he raised his glass without the bride’s consent. He said: “I used my friend’s exact wording and said that he will have to deal with her nonsense for the rest of his life. I wish them all the best and tell him that I will always be right. For him, especially during the divorce.” He also didn’t give his best friend a cash gift.

So, he wanted to know: Is he wrong in doing this?

Many Reddit users are arguing, but thousands agree with one user. His argument is simple: “Everyone here sucks.”

“Listen, man, you make perfect sense, but you also have enough chances to jump off the crazy train before it gets so far,” u/CuriousTsukihime said. “Being a good friend means having comfort and freedom to say no when your friend cheats. You wait until the last minute[ute] Make your mood better. At this moment, your wife should get better returns from these people and you. “

More than 23,000 people agreed with this comment.

Weekly newspaper The statement on the Reddit post cannot be independently verified.

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