Best Nintendo Switch Bundle Sale and which model to choose (fall 2021)

Outside of retail On holidays like Black Friday and Amazon Prime Member’s Day, Nintendo’s game consoles don’t have too many discounts- change, Switch OLED, with Toggle Lite. This is partly due to their popularity Global pandemic And its Supply chain dilemma, And Nintendo is unwilling to discount its products often.

But if you manage to find a special offer, which one should you choose? We have suggestions that can help, and the best way to get them. Here are all the best Nintendo Switch deals and bundles we found.We also summarized The best Switch games To get you started, and Accessories you might want. Read our Switching tips and tricks Make the most of your console.

Update October 2021: We added the Switch OLED, broke down the differences between all three models, and refreshed the rest of the guide.

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Which switch should you buy?

Photo: Nintendo

When the Switch came out in 2017, there was only one model. There are now three, and if you don’t understand the differences, choosing the right one can be confusing. Let us sort them out one by one.

This is the cheapest Switch (8/10, wired recommendation), but its function is also greatly restricted. It is a unit, so the controller is not removable. It cannot be connected to a TV, which means you can only play it in handheld mode. It is the smallest and lightest of the three models, which is ideal for travel, but this means it has the smallest touch screen: 5.5 inches. If these are not your problems, then the $100 you save is worth it.You will not be able to play certain games that require motion control, such as Super Mario Party, Unless you decide to buy Joy-Con controllers and pair them with the system (you also need some type of bracket). To check whether a game is running well on Switch Lite, look for the “Handheld Mode” icon on the back of the eShop or physical game box.

The next step is the standard Switch (7/10, wired recommendation) Has been selling hot since 2017. Technically speaking, Nintendo updated the Switch in 2019 with a slightly longer battery life, but otherwise the system is almost the same. It has a built-in bracket on the back of the LCD display to support it, a detachable Joy-Con controller, and a base that can be connected to the TV, which can seamlessly transition from a handheld device to a large screen.

The new Switch OLED (8/10, wired recommendation) It is very similar to the original Switch, but its upgrade can easily make it worth the extra $50. The most eye-catching thing is naturally the screen. Unlike the other two types of LCD screens, the pixels of the OLED panel can be individually turned on and off to obtain more realistic blacks and better color contrast. Your game will look much better. The display is also larger-7 inches compared to 6.62 inches for the standard Switch-but the smaller bezels around the screen mean that the two are almost the same size.

If the OLED is not sold to you, the bracket will be sold to you. The original Switch bracket was fragile, difficult to open, and did not balance the display well. On the OLED, the bracket spans the entire length of the console. You can even adjust it so that the screen is at various angles. It is more stable and versatile. Other improvements include 64 GB of storage space instead of the original 32 GB, slightly better audio quality, and an Ethernet port in the docking station, so you can connect it to a router for faster internet speeds without Using a separate dongle is just like on the original Switch.


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