Japanese breakfast with “Sable” soundtrack

On her own By the way, Michel Zuna, also known as the independent pop artist Japanese Breakfast, did not grow up in an elegant family. In the 1990s, her parents in Oregon did not show her fine art, foreign directors, or classic literature. Zuna owns video games, first on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and then on the PlayStation. She remembers playing cooperative JRPG in 1993 The secret of mana, I was with my father when I was 5 years old. Because she was too young to know how to handle it, it took several years to complete. “When we finished that game, it felt like we really experienced something together,” she said on the phone in San Francisco, the afternoon before the Japanese breakfast show. “This is a real trip.”

When creating a soundtrack for an open world adventure sable, Zuna frequently returns to Hiroki Kikuta’s The secret of mana Soundtrack. “this Main menu music It’s so special,” she continued. “I thought a lot about that game and how it was Brief introduction to animation and music Makes me think-I just really want to sable.

It makes perfect sense that Zuna should dig into her own childhood for inspiration. sable It is a growth story, set in a vast mythical desert, full of devastating spaceships, crumbling monuments and ancient temples. Her nominal role, the young sable, is about to experience gliding, which is the process of her reaching adulthood. She is small and brave, but the world is big and terrifying. Zauner’s eager pop song soundtrack, gorgeous ambient figures and stupid character-driven vignettes subtly convey this journey inside and outside.

Zauner joined the project in 2017 after the Twitter DM of Game Technical Director Daniel Fineberg. He knew Zuna’s love for video games, because of the promotion of her second album, mechanic, Involving a 30-minute SNES-style RPG game called Japanese BreakQuestFineberg and creative director Gregorios Kytheotis also want an artist who is not an established video game composer, someone who understands video games but can shape existing tropes and conventions into new things.Zuna saw the game early GIF On Twitter, a picture depicts an air-cushion vehicle sliding quietly on a lavender sand dune. “Art is so amazing,” she recalled. “I think our tastes have been consistent from the beginning.”

Based on these images, only a rough understanding of the atmosphere of the game, coupled with some regional descriptions in the Google Docs, Zauner immediately began to work. At first, she created with a laptop and OP-1 synthesizer on the back seat of the station wagon. Then in 2018 and 2019, longer-recorded video clips began to appear, which helped clarify whether she was on the right track. A year later, a playable version of the game was sent, and this was when the real work began. Most of the original soundtrack was recorded during the lock-up of her studio in Adirondack, upstate New York, but “Cartographer’s theme,” a lively figure, reminiscent of a quirky character theme Zelda The game was a week-long retreat in a cabin belonging to the parents of sound designer Martin Kvale. “This is one thing I managed to accomplish there,” Zuna laughed.

She described the composition process as a “real learning experience”. Although her Japanese breakfast songs are rooted in standard popular structures, sable This means that Zuna must create instrumental works with emotional settings.In order to maintain a seamless atmosphere, these tracks need to be written in a repeatable way To infinity To adapt to the time the player may stay in any area. This was not how Zauner originally wrote them, so she had to go back and adjust the MIDI files in order to turn them into “perfect environmental loops.” The composer believes that the sound designer Kvale helped her achieve this goal while also allowing them to feel part of the game’s rocks and devastating buildings.


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