New World Group’s technology investment arm Mozaic makes a strategic investment in MRHB DeFi | By Capital | Capital | October 2021


Mozaic focuses on investing in innovative technology companies, seeking to reshape its industry ecosystem-across emerging markets, growth markets and mature markets.

London, United Kingdom-October 14, 2021 — Community-centric DeFi platform MRHB DeFi Obtained a strategic investment from the London investment platform Mosaic Support its transformative vision of bringing the value of the crypto world to financially excluded communities around the world.Mosaic is part of it New World Group — A global diversified investment company with more than 2.5 billion US dollars in group assets under management.

The UK provides a key opportunity to cultivate financially inclusive cryptocurrencies. This investment aims to expand the coverage of MRHB DeFi beyond its core Asian and Middle Eastern bases to support the search for more ethical and or faith-based methods of participation in the crypto market.

“The current market value is 2 trillion US dollars and is still growing-the field of crypto assets is an exciting growth opportunity for us, and MRHB DeFi’s focus on ethics and financial inclusion has generated a strong focus on Mozaic’s investment theme. resonance,” New World Group partner said Sonny Gupta.

“The strength and commitment of the MRHB team make them a natural partner for our first investment in the decentralized finance field,” He added.

“Mozaic’s investment is focused on a robust and scalable technology business with long-term value creation thinking, which makes them our natural partner in building the world’s first ethical DeFi platform” MRHB DeFi CEO said Najib Mohamed |.

“The UK represents MRHB DeFi’s key strategic investor community-we want to better interact with high-quality institutional partners,” He also pointed out.

MRHB DeFi was established with the vision to provide more opportunities for excluded and prudent communities to obtain the growing opportunities and utility of cryptocurrencies, and to focus on providing faith-based DeFi services that follow the ethical investment rooted in Islam And financing principles of finance, many of which are consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Such business practices include avoiding interest, usury, social exploitation, and other behaviors deemed unethical, as well as supporting sustainability, asset/utility-supported financing, transparency, and fair risk/return sharing.

Since the asset scale of the Islamic financial industry is approximately US$3 trillion, even if a small portion of Islamic Sharia-sensitive liquidity is introduced into DeFi, it will greatly promote the total value of the global DeFi industry.

Investment from Mozaic follows from Contango digital assets, New Tribe Capital, Xisha Financial, Honest partner And other institutional investors.

MRHB DeFi is a decentralized financial platform that aims to bring ethics to the DeFi field by supporting the inclusion of faith-based communities and other excluded communities as well as existing crypto-indigenous communities so that everyone Both can benefit from the full empowerment potential of DeFi and help establish a true peer-to-peer financial and economic value system.

Based on the principles of trust, transparency and security of the blockchain, MRHB DeFi encapsulates the universally applicable principles of Islamic finance into the principles of blockchain to provide a set of products that also comply with ESG standards.

The project is supported by a diversified and strong team whose background covers encryption, technology, faithful investment, finance and industry experienced institutional veterans. The public sale will take place in December.Register your interest and read more about MRHB DeFi’s Sharia law concept papers, condensed versions and white papers here.

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New World Group is a global diversified investment company with offices in London and Kuala Lumpur. The company establishes, acquires, invests and expands businesses focused on long-term growth. New World Group adds value to its partners and portfolio companies through initiation and execution of value realization.

New World Group and its businesses, including Mozaic, use a global perspective as an investor, operator and business builder, with offices and partners in the most exciting high-growth market in the world. To date, the company has made more than 15 investments and manages more than $2.5 billion in funds in 25 countries.

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