Art Haus relies on NFT to collaborate with artists, collectors and curators | By Capital | Capital | October 2021


Art Haus is an NFT-based artwork project that introduces an artist residency part on its platform. Each resident artist becomes the key holder that can unlock the curator. They receive commissions from the main sales of the artists they curate, which is about half of the 15% fee charged by Art Haus.

Developer of Art Haus create A platform that helps artists, collectors and curators manipulate the NFT market. This unique NFT platform integrates selected management mechanisms and subscription levels. It aims to provide the market with a large number of authentic and unique series. Unlike the competition, Art Haus offers an artist residency program.

Artist residency

Creators can Application Join as an artist. Every candidate is thoroughly evaluated. This is to ensure that they will find the value of signing with Art Haus to premiere an exclusive collection.

Artists who have obtained residency can rely on the team to explore NFT in a supportive environment. On the one hand, only the key holder can enter the exclusive gallery. This shows that collectors have done their part to become a member of this digital art incubator. These collectors are usually not your regular users. These collectors are mainly dedicated to discovering the following Beeples and gaining insights into their innovative heritage.

Protected by artist residency

Artist-in-residence program make sure Artist’s creative freedom and sovereignty. It is done through a personalized, well-known smart contract applicable to all Art Haus NFTs. It ensures that the artist adds to the real, possibly their own real work. Many existing platforms cut operating expenses by assigning artist functions to contracts with many other artists to show. On the other hand, Art Haus is committed to changing the status quo.

It is essential for the team for artists to build a home for their work on the blockchain and their brand. However, it is not only for the benefit of the artist, but also provides collectors with the opportunity to have something completely developed for the artist. Collectors can confidently understand that they have real works. In addition, they will not see the collapse of the NFT platform.


This technology adds excellent value to residential planning. Many NFT artists have large collections of NFTs, and these NFTs change hands between collectors on a regular basis.

Art Haus’ Art NFT and Auction

Platforms such as Art Haus provide a series of beneficial protections for both parties. Therefore, it makes it an ideal destination for those looking for unique opportunities in the market. Therefore, Art Haus has played an important role in encouraging these content creators and collectors to increase their return on investment to new heights. Those who wish to find out more about the platform’s residency can go here.

One of the core elements of Art Haus is its public auction. NFT auctions provide many opportunities for creators and collectors. For artists, it allows them to get the most benefit from their collection. It also provides investors with a better opportunity to grab unique works. It is worth noting that the ZORA agreement provides support for Art Haus auctions.

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