How to play every game in the squid game (not die)

2. A sort of Put ddakji on the ground.

3. Second Trying to flip it by hitting it violently with their ddakji.

4. Switch turns.

Whoever successfully flips the opponent’s ddakji first is the winner.

Pro type: Yohan Yun, 29, said that ddakji briefly regained popularity when he was about 5 years old, and claimed to be a “ddakji master” near Dongducheon, where he is located. He said that the trick is to analyze ddakji and target ddakji’s weaknesses. “If you hit its corner, a flatter ddakji is more likely to flip, while a thicker ddakji will move with the movement of your ddakji, so you have to lay it flat in its center,” he insisted Say.

Game #1: Mugunghwa Kochi Pieotseumnida (sharon rose blooming)

As seen in the series: The first official game is Squid game Led by a creepy giant doll with motion sensor eyes. Players line up in a row at one end of the playground, and they can only move when the dolls turn away from them and shout “mugunghwa kochi pieotseumnida”. Players who move when the doll is facing their direction and those who have not crossed the finish line before the allotted time of 10 minutes will be shot.

Prepare: One of the advantages of this game is that it involves zero preparation, but hard core Squid game fan Can buy clothing From a third-party online retailer.

How to play: Netflix translates the name of the game as “red light, green light”, which is undoubtedly because the game rules are similar. Both allow an unlimited number of players. Here is how to play Korea:

1. Play with rock, paper, and scissors to see who will become “it”.

2. The “it” player stands at one end of the room, while other players line up at the other end.

3. Then the player faces a wall or a tree, opposite the player, and chants a 10-syllable phrase. At this point, the player can move.

4. When the “it” player has finished singing, they turn around and pick the player they saw moving.

5. The selected player must now be “linked” to the “it” player by holding hands or linking pinkies.

6. A. If the player successfully reaches the opposite wall (or tree) and there is a chain, the player can release the chain by manually breaking the handle. (Some versions of the game allow all players to be released, while other versions only release those who have been manually torn apart.) Those without chains can escape.

6. B. If the player successfully reaches “it”, she or he can mark the “it” player and escape.

If you are marked by it, you are new to it. The goal here, similar to a label, is not a new it.

This game has more complicated scenarios. If “it” players shout different carols, they must take different actions. See example here.

Pro type: Claudia Lee, 33, remembers that she was “very good” at this game as a child. She said coordination and caution are the keys to victory. “The closer you are to it, the more careful you have to be, because all your movements will be more obvious,” she said. If you are like this and you want to trip other players, try the speed at which you speak the syllables.Tik Tok @mykoreandic shows how.


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