Many theories are clearly anti-Semitism, but far-right activists have also been working hard to turn anti-blockade beliefs into anti-Semitism.

One warning: Coronavirus conspiracy theories are helping spread anti-Semitism beliefs to a wider audience report Hope, not hatred, by anti-racism advocacy organizations. The report says that the pandemic has not only rekindled interest in the “New World Order” conspiracy theories of secret Jewish elites that are aimed at ruling the world, but also far-right activists are also working to transform people’s anti-blockade and anti-vaccination. Faith is transformed into active anti-Semitism.

The most serious offender: The authors easily found anti-Semitism on all nine platforms they investigated, including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Some of them use coding languages ​​to avoid algorithmic detection and auditing, but most of them are public and easy to discover. Unsurprisingly, the author found a close connection between the amount of anti-Semitism on the platform and the degree of mitigation: the looser the mitigation, the greater the problem.

Some details: The report warned that the messaging app Telegram has quickly become one of the most serious criminals. It hosts many channels that spread anti-Semitism content, some of which have tens of thousands of members. A channel that promotes the conspiracy theory of the New World Order has gained 90,000 fans since its establishment in February 2021. However, this is a problem on every platform. The Jewish creators on TikTok have complain They face a lot of anti-Semitism on the platform, and they are often targeted by groups that report their accounts on a large scale to temporarily ban them.

case study: The author points out that a person who became radical during a pandemic is a typical example of how people will eventually be forced to accept increasingly extreme views. At the beginning of 2020, Attila Hildmann was a successful vegetarian chef in Germany, but in just one year, he changed from not caring about politics to “just asking some questions.” As a social media influencer, go to the telegram channel that spouts hatred and incites violence.

What can be done: Many of the platforms investigated have had more than a decade to regulate and mitigate hate speech, and some progress has been made. However, the report warns that although major platforms are doing better at removing anti-Semitic organizations, they are still working to remove personally produced anti-Semitic content.


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