How to delete your Facebook account permanently

Never one Bad time Delete your Facebook account: Chances are that you use it less than ever before, and you will see a bunch of them every time you log in Virus news reheated And the life updates of two or three distant acquaintances. However, it feels like a particularly good time to unplug.

There is a series of ongoing Wall Street Journal story Claimed company Repeatedly ignore internal research on various hazards Caused by its product.Have Prolonged power outage This makes you think a lot World Internet Activities Shouldn’t Run through a company. people usually think that In general, Facebook may not be so good for society. At some point it was too much, you know? If you have reached that point, here is how to log out of Facebook permanently, and how to limit the number of people it can track you after you leave.

How to deactivate your Facebook account

Let us first make sure that you can do something similar to deleting a Facebook account, but that is not the case. Delete the application from the phone? Catharsis, maybe, but functionally useless. Disable your Facebook account? Slightly better, because you disappear from the platform most of the time, but it still retains all your data, waiting patiently and indefinitely for your return.

Look, well, maybe this is the right choice for you; maybe you want a nicotine patch instead of cold turkey. There are no wrong answers! To deactivate your account, click the down arrow in the upper right corner of the page when Facebook loads.Click on Settings and privacy, and then set up. From there, turn your eyes to the options panel on the left and click Your Facebook information. Then return to the central menu, you can scroll all the way down to Deactivate with delete. Phew!

When you click it, you will see two options: deactivate and delete.It’s disabled by default, so keep clicking Continue account suspensionYou need to re-enter your password. This will unlock a page asking you to provide a reason for leaving and give you the opportunity to opt out of receiving emails from Facebook (basically a notification that a friend invites you to join) groups or similar, even if you Is a zombie account) and continue to use Messenger.Select all that apply and click blue Deactivate Button and call it a day.

Well, almost. In practice, the deactivation has not completed that much. Messages you send to friends will still be in their inboxes, and you will still appear in their friends list. Your posts and comments in the group will still be visible to the administrator. Moreover, Facebook will continue to keep all your data forever. All you need to do to reactivate is to log in to your account again. It’s like writing a big article about “Leaving New York” but continuing to pay a high rent for a beautiful small bedroom in Astoria.

How to actually delete your Facebook account

If you are ready to make a more serious commitment to sever the relationship, please take a moment to consider whether there is any data on Facebook’s servers that you might want to keep. Maybe you use it as a photo album in your later years. Maybe you have a message you want to keep. Maybe you once published a good article? If so, what is it like!

The point is, it may be worthwhile to save your Facebook data or transfer it to other services before you cancel your account. This is not difficult to do, although it may take a while.From the same down arrow icon you started using before, go to Settings and privacy, Then set up. In that left pane, go to Your facebook message. If you just want to switch where all these things are online, click Transfer a copy of your information, And then choose from the nine options it provides. (This is Dropbox, Google Photos, Backblaze, etc. Also: Blogger?) Once you choose a service, you can choose the type and amount of data you want to transfer; for example, for photos, you can set Date range or select specific album. Make these decisions, connect to the target service, and start the transmission. If you want to send a photo to one place, and then post a post to another place, you may need to perform this process multiple times.


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