9 best espresso machines and accessories for home baristas (2021)

There is always room to improve your game, and there are many additional tools to help you make the best espresso.These are the tools you will use forward Brewing lays the foundation for perfect extraction.

Atmos jar for coffee beans

Vacuum tanks are a good way to store coffee beans. By evacuating all the air in the chamber every time it is closed, the Fellow Vacuum Canister slows the degradation of all those delicious oils and compounds in your (hopefully roasted locally) favorite coffee beans.

OXO cone burr grinder

This is one of our top choices The best coffee grinder Guide, it is a good choice for espresso. Espresso requires a fine and consistent grinding, which you can easily remove from the burr grinder. Be sure to go there and scan your burrs from time to time-OXO makes maintenance easy and the bean bins can be separated effortlessly.

Bezzera bottomless filter

Nothing can improve your espresso brewing better than a bottomless filter.Not because it will make your coffee better one, It will make you Let you be more aware of your mistakes and inconsistencies, so that you can play a better role. Bottomless filters are finicky. When you stop grinding or over-compact the ground, the bottomless filter allows you to see how espresso covers the bottom of the filter and pours it into the cup. Be sure to carefully check the circumference of the head of the espresso machine (where the filter is connected). There are many standard sizes, so you need to make sure you order the correct size. The most common are 53 mm and 58 mm, and almost all bottomless filters have these dimensions.

WPM tamping pad

Tamping pads are just a thick, soft piece of rubber or silicone, but they make it easier to maintain a consistent tamping pressure (and a clean tamping space so you don’t stain the kitchen table with coffee or scratch it with your seal on the bottom) ). You can also use folded kitchen towels, but these towels are easy to rinse off.

Crema distributor and briquette

Once you put your ground in your filter, the next step is to give them a good, or even compaction. You want to use about 30-40 pounds of pressure. Although you can use a scale to determine exactly that feeling, I find it best to use your upper body to press and then pull out a lens to see how it works. If it is too bitter, it means that you are pressing too hard; if it is too thin, it means that you are not pressing hard enough. The distributor (also called the leveler) can easily get a flat surface for you to tamping. This surface has a tamping and a distributor on the other side, so you can level the beans, then flip this tool and give them a very Good consolidation. Just make sure you get a filter that fits the circumference of your machine!

Duralex Picardie wine glass, set of six

Overall, these are my favorite shot glasses, but they are also great espresso shot glasses-they are tall and narrow to form a very aerated crema on top and are made of tempered glass, so they Can withstand high temperatures. They are also very suitable for serving small drinks like macchiato-a cup of espresso with a lather on it.


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