DBZ coin review: Diamond Boyz.If you have ever participated in the discussion… | By Capital | Capital | October 2021

As emphasized earlier, the Diamond Boyz coin is built on the Binance Smart Chain, which is immutable and irreversible. In addition to this distributed ledger can prevent payment arrears and fraud, it also guarantees maximum scalability and speed, while ensuring more negligible transaction fees. Every transaction is recorded on the DBZ ledger, of course, they are public, and every transaction can be traced back to creation data.

Here are some potential benefits and features you can get by adopting DBZ coins

DBZ coin uses the most advanced and latest blockchain technology, allowing you to seamlessly transfer by deploying smart contracts in a few seconds. This main function can help its users to obtain target funds faster, thereby establishing a stronger currency framework on a global scale.

As stated in the introduction section of this review, DBZ use cases are not limited to gems and jewelry, it also serves as the core of some form of social access. The coin provides users with access to comments, videos, important posts, nightlife, etc. Essentially, it aims to allow users not only to access a series of functions through smart contract programs, but also to provide guidance on the latest social media platforms, such as Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  • Payment and certification

Another use case of DBZ coin is that it has the potential to become a way to verify and pay for real jewelry transactions and establish standard practices for a more seamless and faster remittance framework worldwide. As the platform guides users to obtain DBZ coins, to a certain extent, it also introduces them to the latest and unique ways to interact with the Internet in more valuable and interesting ways.

The source code attributes of the DBZ coin are public. You can easily search for the token address on BSCScan and check the various security audits that the project has gone through even before its creation date. These audits proved its commitment to the security and compliance of the blockchain ecosystem. I believe that with the development of the project, more and more people hold DBZ coins, and there will be more and more audits.

Since its recent unveiling, the growth of the project has been obvious. The number of holders is growing, and the team is taking active steps to develop a more seamless and functional UI every day. As discussed in this review, this project is very unique and will undoubtedly change the way diamond transactions have always been. It will promote transparency, trust and fairness in transactions between customers and companies. By checking the website, I believe it is very suitable for every user, regardless of your knowledge of blockchain technology. With the intention of further developing a more accessible mobile application, and further platform development work, you can rest assured that the project will go straight to the top.

With blockchain as the core of its operations, combined with digital authentication and smart contracts, DBZ provides an accessible and secure transaction method, as well as a way to record the source of diamonds and obtain a wide range of social services. As a user, you can easily view the movement of a specific product record on the distributed ledger, from the source to the current location. This transparent method can even greatly increase the value of the products at every point in the supply chain and the final purchase by the end consumer.

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