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After the recent pre-sale of BNBCH, BNB Fintech announced new developments. Among the developments are the rise in the price of tokens and the listing of top websites.

BNB fintech is a network that introduces payment solutions focusing on cryptocurrency to benefit enthusiasts. In early October 2021, the network is publicly pre-sold and sold 280k BUSD Just 7 minutes.

Four tops later Encrypted network Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Livecoinwatch and Worldcoinindex list BNB Cash coins. The list was released when the network plans to launch services soon. According to their Twitter page, Worldcoinindex lists BNB Cash as a utility token.

After Coingecko began its pre-sale and listing, the value of BNBCH increased significantly. For example, within 24 hours after transmission, the BNBCH value increased from 0.016 to 0.089. A few days later, the token reached $0.174195, an increase of more than 1000%. The community has been vigorously supporting this project recently.

As mentioned earlier, BNB Fintech prides itself on providing top encryption-based payment solutions.

BNB Fintech’s payment solution

Another upcoming tool is debit card support. Due to the increasing use of debit cards, it is usually a good idea for BNB Fintech to provide similar solutions. They plan to work with Simplex to help integrate BNB Cash into popular debit cards such as MasterCard and Visa.

BNB Fintech also introduced a point-of-sale system. Today, merchants may be afraid to accept encryption because they do not have the right tools. However, BNB Fintech will launch POS, which will track the encrypted transaction process in real time.

As the final tool, BNB Fintech will integrate wallet options. The main role of the wallet is to host the rest of the network’s services. Although this product is the most important, it will be the last feature to be launched.

Based on Binance Chain

BSC proved to be the best choice for the Ethereum chain. Due to high gas and low velocity, the project is currently being transferred from Ethereum. However, BSC provides services at a more affordable cost and at a higher speed. Therefore, users of BNB Fintech will enjoy the service with friendly fees and maximum scalability.

BNB Fintech and Audit Report

In addition to auditing, strong and sturdy A KYC scan was performed on the BNB Fintech team. KYC scans are designed to ensure that there are no frauds by people associated with the project. Therefore, KYC scanning can test the money laundering risks associated with the project. However, Solidproof scanned the BNB Fintech team and did not report any issues.

According to their roadmap, they will conduct another audit in the first quarter of 2022. The top blockchain auditor Certix will conduct the audit. The goal again is to ensure that all their services remain reliable and trusted by users.

To become a member of the BNB Fintech community, please visit their social page.

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