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Happy Friday the 13th👻, Emberistas! 🐹

Updates to Octane/Classic Ember Cheat Sheet 🎮, check out ember-sortable 🎛️’s new accessible controls, use Ember Device 📶 to introduce adaptive loading to your application, new test code modules from Freshworks 🎉, and more December 📆 updates !

The first edition of Ember, Ember octane number, Just around the corner. Did you already know that you can find all the cheat codes needed to migrate the classic Ember application to the Octane application? This official cheat sheet? It compares many APIs, patterns, and best practices that you may already be familiar with, from the classic Ember world to the new paradigm used in Octane applications.

In the past few weeks, many community members have worked to prepare a cheat sheet for the upcoming Ember Octane.Recently, they added information on how to Data down, action up mode Compare classic and Octane apps, Template juxtaposition, How to migrate When using Mixin And more. Check out today’s cheat sheet!

Last but not least, we not only want to thank those who work hard About the latest update of Ember Octane vs Classic Cheat Sheet, And everyone else who made this valuable learning resource a reality: Thank you very much 💖 tribute to the contributors Jane Weber (@jenweber), Melanie Sumner (@MelSumner), Venusang (@venusang), Rajasegar Chandran (@rajasegar-c), David Baker (@acorncom), Peter Wagenet (@wagenet), Robert Wagner (@rwwagner90), Chris Garrett (@pzuraq), Eli Flanagan (@efx) with L. Preston Sego III (@NullVoxPopuli)!

Want to contribute to the cheat sheet yourself?View Project on Github And chat with other contributors #dev-ember-learning Channel open Embers Dispute!

Yicheng (Jerry) Gong (@ygongdev) Wrote a Blog post Recorded the process of how we have it now Accessible controls in order to Sort of embers, An open source drag-and-drop list sorting Ember plugin.

Unfortunately, there is no clearly defined standard for making accessible drag-and-drop controls from organizations, such as WCAG. He turned to Andrew A Lee (@drewlee) Who created a comprehensive list of what accessible functions should be expected in a drag-and-drop utility, even Code pen demo. These accessible controls are now available as 2.0.0 released of Sort of embers Add on.View accessible controls Demo page Nowadays!

As part of this work, Sort of embers It is Embers plugins used, This is a GitHub organization where community members can find New home For their Ember plugin. In addition, ember-sortable is also emphasized First day of December!

with Ash device, you could Gradually provide rich content and powerful network experienceThank you Gokul Kathirvel (@gokatz), you could Provide as much value as possible to users who use low-end devices For users with high-end equipment. 💯

The Ember device provides a device Service so that you can measure the user’s device and network to decide what to display.

{{#let this.device.networkStatus.effectiveConnectionType as |effectiveType|}}
  {{#if (eq effectiveType "slow-2g")}}
    <ImageLoader @resolution="low" />

  {{else if (eq effectiveType "2g")}}
    <ImageLoader @resolution="mid" />

  {{else if (eq effectiveType "3g")}}
    <ImageLoader @resolution="high" />

  {{else if (eq effectiveType "4g")}}
    <VideoLoader />

  <!-- Fallback -->
    <ImageLoader @resolution="mid" />


To learn more about Adaptive loading, We encourage you to check Documentation for Ember devices with Sivasubramanyam A (@astronomersiva)’s blog post!

mocha-to-qunit, The latest code module from Freshworks, can help you migrate your production test suite from Mocha to QUnit. We encourage you to try and contribute to the project!

You can find all the code modules of Freshworks on their website GitHub repository.

December is going strong, and a new plugin will be highlighted every day until the calendar turns!View Latest posts in December, Covering plugins, such as ember-auto-import, ember-cli-sass, with ember-simple-auth.

This week we want to thank @rwjblue, @Gaurav0, @runspired, @dmuneras, @lock, @psbanka, @ctjhoa, @samselikoff, @阿贝尔-n, @lolmaus, @acorncom, @amyrlam, @pzuraq, @jenweber, @chancancode, @stefanpenner, @Turbo87 Thanks for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

Want to know about Ember, Ember Data, Glimmer, or plugins in the Ember ecosystem, but don’t know where to consult? Readers’ questions are only answered for you!

Submit your own Short and sweet problem under bit.ly/ask-ember-coreDon’t worry, there are no stupid questions, we thank them-guaranteed! 🤞

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That is another package! ✨

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Chris Ng, Isaac Lee, Jessica Jordan, Amy Lam and the learning team

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