Arker Announces the Launch of Crypto Reward Game Option | By Capital | Capital | October 2021


Ak The network announced that it will soon launch an encrypted reward game. Currently, Arker has many tools to help pay game players using crypto assets.As development continues, Arker will be Android, iPhone and Steam devices.

In Arker, the player controls a hero character whose task is to re-control the kingdom of Ohm. Warriors will not fight alone, but will join a clan and act as a team.This multiplayer game provides PVE/PVP Options. In addition, it also combines skills, equipment, runes, pets and characters for a better experience.

Although the main purpose is to have fun, Arker allows gamers to make money. It assumes a game earning model in which game players play the game and receive financial rewards.

Dual token system

The second token available in the Arker gaming network is FoA. FoA (Arker Fragment) helps to run in-game activities such as rewards, purchasing skins and NFT.

An outstanding feature of FoA is its deflationary nature. The platform will destroy 15% of the value of each in-game transaction. Since the total supply is 540 million, the number of burning tokens is guaranteed to decrease. As the number decreases, the demand for FoA increases, thereby increasing the value.

Earn rewards at Arker

The network provides daily tasks and gamers will receive FoA tokens for free. This daily task involves the AI ​​of the game player and the network. Every online game player can participate by logging in to an account and completing tasks every day.

In addition, players can play ten-player games (guild wars). In this guild war, the person with the highest score will be rewarded with tokens. Therefore, the guild war option provides more rewards.

In addition, the network has PvE options, where users can collect items and sell them on the market. The collection includes runes, summoning scrolls, skins and FoA tokens. Some runes will help improve the character’s statistics.

Finally, the network will hold special events for participants to get rewards. There are in-game and out-of-game activities. Off-site special events include bounty hunts, competitions, airdrops and marketing activities. As a network user, you can participate in such activities and get FoA.

Currently, the available combat modes are PvP and Showdown. In PVP, users must use FoA to purchase tickets and fight other ticket holders. The winner gets gold coins, experience and FoA tokens. The loser gains gold coins and experience. See, this is a win-win situation for every game player.

Another battle mode available is Showdown, where you can fight against clones of your characters. The idea here is to gain experience.

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