SolidProof is booming because it includes an automated audit tool | By Capital | Capital | October 2021


strong and sturdy, A German-based project that has integrated placeholders for its automotive tools. According to Solidproof, automated audit tools will bring efficiency to audits. Once the Defi project adds Solidproof as its trusted auditor, the launchpad will reap the benefits of automated tools. More launchpads will be allowed to be embedded in their websites.

One such launchpad is Unicrypt. The automated tool will be used in conjunction with its current popular manual audit system, and people can use the beta version first.

Audit automation tools allow developers to quickly submit their projects for audit. In addition, they can request a manual review. This in-depth testing process should reveal whether a project is not protected.

This tool is an algorithm designed to find vulnerabilities in smart contract code. Therefore, it follows the instructions without any common human error that is common in manual audit systems. In addition, it reduces the time spent on audits, thereby enabling a fast process.The main function of this new tool is Audit efficiency.

Solidproof service

Because of the risks, the need for optimal security is more urgent than ever. Solidproof came in to provide a sober solution. Through modern and innovative security solutions, the platform aims to make the community’s encrypted space more secure.

Free audit plan

The platform gives the community the opportunity to vote for the projects they think are most suitable for free audits and reports.

Solidproof and Unicrypt

Solidproof cooperated with Unicrypt to support its entry into the smart contract audit market. Unicrypt uses KYC system if Ensure user safety through SolidProof and PassorFailMe. The network highly supports the tokens issued on the ILO platform to contact their KYC partners.

By doing so, they will receive KYC and audit reports. It accelerates the chance of survival in the DeFi field. This is critical, because a small safety incident can cause the entire project to fail.

Today, Solidproof is leading the modern auditing company. The company is working hard to make DeFi safer for all participants. The platform recently reviewed heavyweight ilos: Coinxpad, vEmpire, Bnb cash. Anyone can link to their Solidproof telegraph, Twitter, Facebook, with website.

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