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Victor Langlois is one of the world’s leading digital artists.He is also known by the alias FEWOCiOUS. He has successfully released several albums, including RTFKT studioIn addition, he also cooperates with Odius, Parrotism, etc. Along the way, his sales have reached millions of dollars.

My mother’s dream, 2021.

“It takes 10 years to become famous overnight” —— Jeff Bezos

It sounds like he became famous overnight, but a long time ago, he had been painting acrylic paintings. Every so often, his grandmother would peek at his room and he would show her his paintings. She would denounce his paintings for being “ugly.” Little did she know that her grandson was sowing the seeds of night fame.

Those paintings that she called ugly soon cost thousands of dollars. He now lives in his own home in Seattle. Thanks to the power of blockchain, artists like Langlois can reap the rewards of their creativity in ways they never dreamed of.

At the beginning of the bidding, a popular NFT art collector named @thegreatmandol Provided 15 ETH for digital painting. At that time, 1 ETH was 1,600 US dollars. This means that this digital artwork has just been sold for $24,000. But the matter is not over yet.Another collector @Yeah yeah Provide 18 ETH. In the end, it was sold for $75,000.

Soul Curry Art

The New York Times best-selling author Harv Eker tried different businesses in his 20s. He started with a dream of making a fortune. However, his results were dismal. Despite his best efforts, but somehow, he has been shorting. In the same business area, many of his friends have succeeded, but in his case, they have not. He still managed to go bankrupt.

One day, a friend of his father’s came to visit him and saw him move back there with his parents. He lives in a low apartment suite, also known as the basement. His father’s friend showed him the missing piece of the puzzle. He made it clear to him that he needed to follow the right principles in favor of abundance.

“What makes Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk successful? Is it their technology or their mentality? Personally, I think mentality is the most important asset of an entrepreneur .” Peter H. Diamantis

His paintings portrayed his darker emotions. He created bizarre digital pictures and moving images. These are usually scary manga portraits. One of his popular works “Sailor” depicts an image with a big head exposed. It has two eyes, which seem to be carved out of a magazine photo. It looked like a Godzilla scene, and Gareth Edwards said, “Run! It’s Godzilla!” Langlois drew most of the images on his iPad. Then he uses animation software to add actions.

Really, Langlois doesn’t sell digital art. What he sells is a digital representation called an irreplaceable token. Even if anyone can view and download the artwork online, it is still unique. It has the characteristic of knowing who owns it at a specific time.

No one knows the direction of NFT development. They are the pioneers of the future of digital property. When people spend their income on digital projects that they can trade or use as investments, they are a glimpse into the future. People will rely on the impeccable algorithm of the blockchain network.

But they still have risks because the technology is still in its infancy. NFT and DeFi have greater returns because of greater risks, while underlying networks such as Ethereum and Cardano are unstable. In contrast, compared with traditional ecosystems, risks have existed for some time and are well understood. They include custody risk, review risk, etc.

Bulls Series #20

The model of making money from games evolved from the early NFTs (such as CryptoKitties). By combining finance with the gaming industry, a brand-new space called Game-Fi is providing the opportunity to earn income by playing games.

In NFT games, players can make money in a variety of ways. Although the traditional model of making money through games involves finding, winning or cultivating rare collectibles, players can choose to try various game modes. “Play-to-Earn” is a popular prototype.

Players can exchange or trade NFTs with other players to make profits. The new mode in NFT games, the game earning mode, provides players with a way to make money from NFT games. NFT games are created by implementing rules and conditions in smart contracts.

Axie Infinity has become one of the popular games to earn NFT games. Users need to buy three “Axies”, which are similar to Pokemon pets in the game, as an initial investment or receive scholarships from other players to start playing the game, and then they may ask for a certain percentage of the user’s income. The price of Axies varies, but sometimes the price can be as high as $200. Once users find the starting team and continue to complete tasks and challenges, they can get Smoothing Love Potion (SLP), an ERC-20 token that can be traded on an exchange.

Collectibles have different values ​​according to their appearance, rarity, or usefulness in the game. One of the examples of NFTs in the game is CryptoKitties. They completely rely on the collectability of the NFT in the game. The latest NFT games provide both game earning mode and in-game NFT.

Some ranked games, including Gods Unchained, allow players to obtain Flux. Flux can be used to make powerful NFT cards. Players can profit by selling or reinvesting in new cards and continue the process.

The NFT collection contains NFTs and mystery boxes centered on themes or projects. Game-fi Mystery Box Collections are the most popular series, including:

MOBOX series: This platform is built on BSC and combines DeFi income agriculture with NFT. The NFT Mystery Box contains MOMO NFT with random hashing capabilities on the MOBOX platform. If the computing power is higher, then MOMO will be more valuable in MOBOX games.

My Neighbor Alice Collection: My Neighbor Alice is a virtual world building game. The game features NFT cosmetics. The assets contained in the mystery box in the collection are only cosmetics. Users will value them and give them value in the secondary market.

This article is not financial advice, and I am not a financial adviser. Please do your own research before making any investment.

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