DeFiConnect is listed on Coinsbit as it prepares to launch the DefiPay solution | By Capital | Capital | October 2021


Define the connectionAfrican DeFi start-up company is pleased to announce its listing on Coinsbit. Coinsbit is a cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates the purchase of lucrative crypto assets. By listing DFC, the exchange will become the fourth cryptocurrency exchange listed after Hotbit, Pancakeswap and Latoken.

The DFC list will enhance the functionality of DefiPay, which is a payment gateway that enables merchants in the DefiConnect ecosystem to accept cryptocurrencies. DeFiConnect is ready to start generating leads for DefiPay Launch, market input Payment solution within one month.

Merchants can use payment platforms to effectively carry out e-commerce business. At the same time, people from all walks of life can use the platform to pay for a variety of services, including transportation, medical bills, shopping, etc. DefiPay also provides a mobile application that allows users to scan product pricing and use cryptocurrency to make payments.

The DeFiConnect model attempts to use the decentralization and security of the blockchain and real-life use cases to change the dynamics of the financial economy. The platform provides its utility token DFC as a pass-through link for users seeking to access the entire DefiConnect network. It is a revolutionary platform that focuses on building real-world applications, integrating the benefits of the DeFi ecosystem into daily life.

The token allows DeFiConnect to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the crypto world. DFC is currently listed on top platforms in the crypto field, including PancakeSwap, Hotbit and CoinMarketCap.

Provide profitable opportunities for businesses

One of the products provided by the platform is multi-level marketing (MLM) Launch pad This enables the organization to carry out strong marketing activities. This innovation circumvents the shortcomings of traditional MLM business by using the immutable and permissible nature of the blockchain. This approach allows MLM Launchpad to provide customers with enhanced security and zero risk.

DeFiConnect has also invested significant resources in the healthcare industry through its Decentralized Health and Insurance Market (DEHIM) application. This product enables stakeholders in the health sector to access a wide range of services.

Doctors, clinics, laboratories, and other healthcare providers can use the DeFiConnect Health Pack to access electronic medical data protection and management, automated data-driven medical procedures, and point-of-care genomics management. DEHIM also provides convenient booking procedures and low-cost medical operating expenses.

Individuals can access scattered health-related services through the platform’s mobile health applications and remote monitoring services. These features enable users to protect electronic medical data on an immutable blockchain network and track their vital signs and health status.

User data can be quickly sent to certified medical professionals in emergency situations, or used for personal purposes, such as self-care and personal monitoring. Another component of the health package is the insurance market, where users can access various personalized health plans provided by insurance providers.

Individuals and healthcare providers who wish to join DEHIM healthcare should purchase a DFC token, which will automatically open access to the system.

Token planting on DeFiConnect

This model allows token holders to pledge DFC at any time and get 1.24% daily income. The platform’s growing use cases in the real-life sector assure investors that the value of the token will continue to grow.

Since the DeFiConnect platform eliminates all third-party participation and fees, pledgers can enjoy free transactions and complete control of their funds. They can also monitor the growth and daily profit accumulation of the tokens they plant in a transparent manner.

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