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Dubai, UAE, October 7, 2021 — DeFi ecosystem with social awareness and morality MRHB DeFi It is democratizing its private sales by allowing members of its public community to participate in pre-public sales rounds. Usually reserved for larger institutional investors, early private sales rounds provide early access, and investors can enjoy privileged pricing.

MRHB’s community reached 20,000 members in less than four months. In order to better reward their early supporters, MRHB cancelled a large number of minimum participation amounts required. In fact, by using IDO’s previous price Provide access rights to provide a level playing field for small investors. MRHB has officially announced its registration Pre-public sale round 1 Starting today, October 7th at 1:00 PM UTC.

“In accordance with our spirit of tolerance, MHRB DeFi is happy to provide us with this unique opportunity to support our loyal community from the very beginning,” said the CEO of MRHB DeFi Najib Mohamed |“Our inclusive and ethical philosophy promotes fair sharing of opportunities. This applies to our token offerings and our products, so we are true to our vision of empowering the community.”

Strong support for strategic investments and partnerships

MRHB is currently developing eight different Shariah-compliant DeFi products, the first is its Bazaar NFT, An NFT creation platform and market that supports multi-chain solutions.

[Sneak Peak of Souq NFT]

Immediately after the launch of Souq NFT, Saha wallet, A multi-asset, non-custodial wallet that can easily invest in halal encrypted assets through the built-in Sharia law screening.

[Sneak Peak of Sahal Wallet]

The vision of MRHB DeFi is to bring society and communities unfamiliar with decentralized finance into the crypto world, and it is particularly focused on providing halal DeFi services that comply with the principles of ethical investment and financing of the Islamic faith. Such business practices include avoiding interest, usury, exploitation, and other behaviors that are considered unethical.

More than US$3 trillion of liquidity has been invested in the Islamic financial market, and investing a small portion of it in DeFi will represent an important step in DeFi’s global growth. The total value of its lock-in is estimated to be approximately US$150 billion.

About MRHB DeFi

Based on the principles of trust, transparency and security of the blockchain, MRHB DeFi encapsulates the universally applicable Shariah principles into these blockchain principles to present a set of products.

The project is supported by a diversified and strong team with backgrounds covering encryption, technology, Islamic law, finance and industry experienced institutional veterans. The public sale will take place in December.Register your interest and read more about MRHB DeFi’s Sharia law concept papers, condensed versions and white papers here.

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