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Thank you for joining our interview. Please tell us more about yourself.

Thank you for having me, it is a pleasure to be here. My name is “Captain”, the co-founder and CEO of Octaplex Network. I know the use of aliases may seem a bit strange, but we are operating in wolves, and currently this is just a personal safety measure. I am KYC, so if anything happens, my data is available and all our partners know who I am. Back to the topic-I specialize in data analysis and have more than 10 years of experience in the encryption field.

You mentioned that you had worked in the encryption industry for a while before entering Octaplex. What projects have you participated in? Can you highlight some of your achievements?

I was an early Bitcoin investor, and I had no luck while being “overly” safe. When something like this happened, I left that chapter behind. Before I decided to actively work on the project, I started to participate in smaller projects mainly as a community model. I am more as a consultant than really involved-helping my experience and bringing structure into the team. But I also learned with difficulty that if you work with people you don’t know, they may backstab you and destroy everything you work for. This fact makes me more cautious about who I work with.In my opinion, the greatest achievement for me is to formulate the concept of Octaplex, because it is one of the most advanced, complex and advanced concepts

How did the concept of Octaplex come about? How did you choose the name of the ecosystem?

After a long experience of entering the crypto market in many ways, the concept itself was brought to life. The recent emergence of the BSC network has brought many projects that try to create something, but it usually ends in a short way because the team’s ideas are not original, and they cannot fully develop their imagination or even bad intentions. This is where Octaplex’s idea began. We want to improve all the shortcomings we have seen in most other projects, and also aim to build on the DeFI concept that we think is valuable, while working hard to improve the entire space by building networks and helping each other in the process, of course There is also the construction of the whole concept around safety.

Tell us more about the team. How did you decide who to join the project?

I am in a “lucky” position and the team already exists. I knew two founding members before, and after criticizing a lot of what was presented to me, I joined them. Therefore, I helped create the concept and build it to its current state, while building the workflow and keeping everything professional. To be honest, if I doubt whether this team can go all the way, I will not join. We have established good connections in the team and enjoy working with each other, which is a good foundation for any team.

The Octaplex network brings a whole new concept to yield agriculture. What do you think was the biggest challenge in developing this unique project?

One of the biggest challenges is to create the smart contract itself. Our developer Zander didn’t want to fork the existing one, so he wrote it from scratch. This is not an easy task, because our contract contains many different mechanisms and functions, all of which must first be considered well enough before they can be implemented in the code and thoroughly tested. We wanted to build something we had never had before, and Zander managed to do it.

Can you tell me some achievements of the project so far?

We have been working hard to realize our vision. Our tokenomics works in a unique way because we try to build something unique and progressive. This is why we decided not to fork existing things. Our token economics includes our reward system. Holders can get rewards by holding multiple currencies, random airdrops, lottery functions, and price stabilization mechanisms, such as repurchase and burn functions (this is not created by robots) . Therefore, the issuance of such a contract is a milestone in itself.

In my opinion, the other milestone is our dApp-holders can choose up to 6 different currencies from a variety of currencies-including our partners’ tokens, talk about partners-

Many partners in the network, all carefully selected and legitimate projects by outstanding people who share our vision, an amazing community of project supporters and believers, and achieved the development goals to be released sooner than expected.

There is also our latest product-PlexSwap. A secure exchange exchange allows users to exchange from our ecosystem tokens, thereby eliminating the possibility of using any false contracts or fraudulent tokens, and only lists legitimate items for everyone’s security experience.

What is your vision for Octaplex? What do you think of the ecosystem in the next few years?

In the next few years, we will strive to achieve our goal of becoming a top encryption project in the multi-chain field. Our network is a multi-chain, large, coordinated network that helps many projects achieve their goals and serves as an incubator for the quality team to successfully develop projects. Our respective communities and network projects should have a safe place to communicate, share and find new investment opportunities between network projects. This will be a decentralized place where every user will feel equal from the beginning and will be rewarded for their activities in the network.

Are there any final comments before closing the interview?

First of all, I want to thank you for these professional and well-thought-out questions. They really give me the opportunity to “bring our project closer” to the vast number of respected readers. I would also like to invite anyone who is interested in this or has questions about any aspect of the project to join our Telegram group and ask any questions at any time, or just to better meet the community and the team.
The other thing I want to say is that I am really inspired by the team we work with, because many of them share the same vision as us, which makes us all more aware of the goals we are all working hard to achieve. A clear vision-to provide everyone with a better and safer version of decentralized finance. I wish them all the best in their respective development paths and look forward to further cooperation. If any team reads this article and “feels” our vision, please feel free to contact us and let us see its development direction!

thank you for your time. Where can people learn more about Octaplex?

For anyone interested in learning about Yae Network; there are many online resources for reading. The easiest way to access our project information is through our website, social media platforms, articles and our Telegram group. There are also a large number of Youtube videos explaining our project, as well as a white paper containing a lot of information about the project, and we are currently remaking a larger and more professional V2-with more emphasis on the network aspects of our products and projects. Our Medium article also explains some aspects of the project in great detail, such as our vision, and several articles with AMA meeting reviews, in which the team answered different types of questions about Octaplex. For anyone with further questions, we are always happy to welcome new members to our Telegram group and answer their questions in a thorough and detailed manner.

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