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NFT games have caused a new sensation in the fields of encryption and blockchain. The model of making money from games evolved from the early NFTs (such as CryptoKitties). By combining finance with the gaming industry, a brand-new space called Game-Fi is providing the opportunity to earn income by playing games.

In NFT games, players can make money in a variety of ways. Although the traditional model of making money through games involves finding, winning or cultivating rare collectibles, players can choose to try various game modes. “Play-to-Earn” is a popular prototype.

one NFT (Non-fungible token) represents a unique project. It is a digital cryptographic token developed based on blockchain technology. There are multiple NFTs Example, Such as digital assets in games, collectible encrypted works of art, or real-world items (such as real estate).

NFT games are different from virtual collectibles that can be stored in our wallet. They involve NFT in the rules, mechanisms and player interactions in the game. For example, in NFT games, unique characters or avatars can be NFTs, or virtual items such as weapons used in the game can also be NFTs.

Players can exchange or trade NFTs with other players to make profits. The new mode in NFT games, the game earning mode, provides players with a way to make money from NFT games. NFT games are created by implementing rules and conditions in smart contracts.

Play-to-earn NFT games provide users with the opportunity to generate revenue through games. The longer they play, the more tokens and occasional NFTs awarded to players. The tokens obtained have utility in the game or can be sold on exchanges. Generally, in this NFT game model, users can continue to obtain tokens along with the rare distribution of NFT.

Axis infinity Has become one of the popular games to earn NFT games. Users need to buy three “Axies”, which are pets similar to Pokemon in the game, as initial investment or receive scholarships from other players to start playing the game, and then they may ask for a certain percentage of the user’s income. The price of Axies varies, but sometimes the price can be as high as $200. Once users find the starting team and continue to complete tasks and challenges, they can get Smoothing Love Potion (SLP), an ERC-20 token that can be traded on an exchange.

In-game NFT provides another way to generate revenue from NFT games. Unlike Axie Infinity’s SLP and other fungible tokens, the in-game NFT allows users to earn NFT instead of watch collectibles.

Collectibles have different values ​​according to their appearance, rarity, or usefulness in the game.One of the examples of NFT in the game is Encrypted cat. They completely rely on the collectability of the NFT in the game. The latest NFT games provide both game earning mode and in-game NFT.

Most NFT games currently available are based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH). Although some games provide a traditional video game experience, most games focus on collecting NFTs. Here are some other emerging NFT games:

This is a fantasy football game that involves tradable and collectible football players in real life. Users can create a football team with five players by using a free card or purchasing a tokenized card. Every time a player wins, scores a new goal, or completes an event, they can earn more points and upgrade their game.

Gods Unchained is a tradable NFT game based on Ethereum, similar to Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. Players use the power and advantage they have to build decks to fight other players. When players win, they can get in-game items to use or sell.

Some ranked games, including Gods Unchained, allow players to obtain Flux. Flux can be used to make powerful NFT cards. Players can profit by selling or reinvesting in new cards and continue the process.

The NFT market on Binance provides users with an NFT gaming experience with the help of the NFT Mystery Box and collection partnership. They can range from digital artists to NFT games. Each mystery box contains a random NFT with different rarities and collectibles. Users can open the box to show the NFT, or they can even sell it without opening the box.

The NFT collection contains NFTs and mystery boxes centered on themes or projects. Game-fi Mystery Box Collections are the most popular series, including:

  • MOBOX series: The platform is built on BSC and combines DeFi income agriculture with NFT. The NFT Mystery Box contains MOMO NFT with random hashing capabilities on the MOBOX platform. If the computing power is higher, then MOMO will be more valuable in MOBOX games.

NFT games involve digital collectibles and set rules for players to interact within the ecosystem. Users value their NFTs, whether because of their collectibility or their utility. Game-fi has created a new game economy and is changing the way users acquire and use NFTs.

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